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Creatine Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to the top 10 Creatine supplements currently available on the market.

There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to creatine. When just the word is mentioned one automatically assumes “only for body builders”. This is far from the case. Creatine is a naturally occurring chemical within the human body that aids in the recovery of internal energy in the muscles called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This stored energy can best be described as the sudden rush of strength and power and diminishes within seconds during strenuous usage.

TFsupplements.com has stepped up and put the ultimate guide to creatine together for your ease of understanding and quick access to the top 10 creatine supplements on the market today.

The key role natural creatine has is aiding recovery, storage, and conversion to ATP, but the naturally found creatine within foods (especially red meat) is minimal in comparison to what the muscles truly need to maximize their potential. This is where the true glory of supplementing creatine comes into play.

When you dose creatine appropriately (5-20 grams 30-45 mins pre-workout depending on your body weight) it unlocks the true power potential of the Myosin and the actins(muscle fibers) by not only priming the muscles with the necessary energy, but replenishes this energy between sets faster. This equates to being able to go full force every rep of every set, and do so with shorter periods of rest between sets to allow the muscles to recover the ATP. Lastly dose your creatine pre and post workout with your whey protein to get the fully benefit and give those muscles the recovery they deserve

Creatine has many other medical applications and usages for individuals that have naturally low creatine levels, or for vegetarians that of which don’t generally receive the proper nutrients found in a traditional diet.

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The industry is always bringing out new thing so make sure to check out the list for updates and possibly there will be something new that peaks your interest.

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