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Ultimate Guide To BCAA

The ultimate guide to the top 10 BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS currently available on the market.

When you think protein you think of calories and repairing the muscles. The staples of these added protein’s and the reason why we consume them is to get the Amino acids from them. Our bodies are made up of 20+ different amino acids consisting of essential and branch chain amino acids. The essential amino’s help with basic daily body functions and can be found in large varieties of foods and converted for usage. The Branch chain amino acids are very different and must be consumed via whole protein sources such as meat, dairy, eggs, fish. Your muscles cannot sustain without the added BCAA’s and are required for proper muscle protein synthesis.

TFsupplements.com brings you the easy to use ultimate guide to the top 10 BCAA’s the market has to offer.

So what are the Branch chain amino acids? Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and Valine. The most abundant is Leucine and Iso-Leucine which has been proven to aid and promote hypertrophy and anabolic properties during and after a workout and rush the delivery of nutrients in order to start the repair process through muscle protein synthesis. Essentially think of your muscles as giant rubber bands and every-time that rubber band breaks you added in another piece of rubber to patch it up bigger and stronger, Leucine and iso-leucine is the patch in this case. This is how the muscle grow over time and use glutamine and glycogen in the repair and recovery process to help along the way and store energy for a future use.

Valine on the other hand not only aids in recovery and repair, it’s been functionally proven to increase muscular endurance and stamina. Resulting in the muscle to be able to sustain load and strength for greater periods of time. It’s also been linked to a reduction in DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Now we tell you all that to reiterate the importance of NEVER forgetting to add BCAA’s to your day. You can never have enough essentially. You want to continuously marinade your muscles to be in a primed state for muscle protein synthesis, aswell as preventing the chances of your body attempting to use your muscle for energy.

BCAA’s can be consumed in a variety of way from flavored BCAA’s powders, BCAA’s pills, added to preworkouts, whole proteins, and protein shakes.

The best dosing for BCAA’s is 3 -4 times per day including during your workout or other high intensity training.

Check out our other ultimate guides to be able to get the most effective stack of supplements for your goals.

The industry is always bringing out new thing so make sure to check out the list for updates and possibly there will be something new that peaks your interest.

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