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  Brand: Competitive Edge Labs
Competitive Edge Labs M-Test
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Competitive Edge Labs 

What is M-Test?

M-Test is a supplement that contains a mix of potent and effective ingredients to help increase your testosterone level and libido. It also provides a kick to your hormone growth, promoting lean, hard muscle and speed up metabolism for faster weight loss. Provides higher energy endurance and increase strength.


  • Helps increase strength                                    
  • Helps increase Lean mass
  • Helps increase endurance
  • Boosts growth hormone 
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces estrogen levels


Key ingredients 

  • Fagodia Agrestis PE - Increases testosterone 
  • Urtica Dioica - Increases Free testosterone and reduces DHT (dihydrotestosterone)
  • KSM-66 Ashwaganda Root Extract - An herb that helps with anxiety 
  • PrimaVie Shilajit Extract - Improve physical performance and reduces fatigue
  • Boron Citrate - Increases testosterone and free testosterone levels
  • Mucuna Pruriens - Increases LH which can lead to testosterone productiona and release


Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 6 Capsules
 Servings per container: 30
  Amounts per serving %DV
Fadogia Agrestis PE 1,200mg **
Divana-Plex (Urtica Dioca)(Containing 3,4-Divanillytetrahydrofuran, Neoolivil, (-)-Secoisolariciresinol, Dehydrodiconiferyl Alcohol, An Isolariciresinol) 1,200mg **
KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract (standardized for >5% withanolides) 695mg **
Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali) 500mg **
Shilajit extract (PrimaVie) (Supplying 50% fulvic acid) 200mg **
Boron Citrate (200mg Boron Citrate supplying 10mg active Boron) 200mg **
Mucuna Pruriens SE (Precisiion Engineered Blend of 95% & 20% L-Dopa Extracts) 100mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established    

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (Capsule), Cellulose, Magnesium, Sterate, and Silica






M-Test Reviews

180 Capsules
M-Test 180, 180 Capsule (In Stock) 
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