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  Brand: Performax Labs
Performax Labs Slinmax
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Performax Labs Slinmax

SlinMax is absolutely not your standard muscle gainer and is unique in its strength to work with the most anabolic hormone in your body, Insulin. Insulin is high synergistic with Androgens, Growth Hormone, IGF and other hormones that effect muscle growth and through this synergism SlinMax provides extremely impressive effects on muscle growth, size, vascularity and even weight loss.

Na-R-ALA 2,5g

Na-R-ALA is a potent antioxidant that increases a variety of antioxidant enzymes in the body that reduce oxidative stress. More importantly, Na-R-ALA also reduces blood sugar and improves glycogen storage thanks to its actions with GLUT-4 (an important glucose transporter in the body).

Agmatine Sulfate 7,5g

Many think of Agmatine as a powerful pump inducer in the body due to its abilities to positively affect nitric oxide levels. However, this potent neurotransmitter also acts as a very strong nutrient partitioner.

Berberine HCl 5g

This is one of the most underrated herbs out there. The studies cited above are just the tip of the iceberg – it’s one of those extracts that has genuine medical benefits – but for now, just get excited that you’re going to be sending a lot of sugar to your muscles with it.

Banaba Extrac 1gm

Banaba are rich in corosolic acid which is thought to be the primary compound responsible for the improvement in glucose control.

Trigonella Seed Isolate 1g

Trigonella Seed Isolate comes from Fenugreek, a plant often used in testosterone boosters as a libido enhancer. However, Trigonella Seed is rich in a compound called 4-hydroxyisoleucine that improves glucose metabolism in the body.

Black Pepper Extract 5mg

Black pepper helps slow intestinal emptying rate and inhibits other compounds in the body that could prematurely degrade the ingredients contained in supplements before your body has a chance to absorb them.

Why Performax Labs Slinmax is good for you?

  • Extreme Pump & Vascularity
  • Reduced Fat Gain
  • Improved Fat Loss
  • Enhanced Muscle Size And Fullness

Ingredients Slinmax

  • Na-R-ALA
  • Agmatine Sulfate
  • Berberine HCL
  • Banaba(2% Corosolic Acid)
  • 4-hydroxyisoluecine
  • Black Pepper Extract

Slinmax Reviews

30 Servings
Slinmax, 30 Serving (Sold Out) 

Slinmax Supplement Facts

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