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Euphoria RX

  Brand: Blackstone Labs
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Blackstone Labs Euphoria RX
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Blackstone labs Euphoria rx

Euphoria Rx created by Blackstone Labs is the best of a kind mood enhancer with psychedelic effects ever. 100% legal and contains all natural ingredients, so it is absolutely safe to take. 16 caps per bottle. The Euphoria or "Euphoric" state that you will feel after taking this will fuel your desire to keep training after you see the gains you will get. This can be utilized as a sexual enhancer since it gives a general sentiment prosperity. serving size 4caps can take up to 1 bottle of Euphoria per day.


Found in the cocoa bean and chocolate. Studies have shown this ingredient to have many health benefits such as weight loss, nervous system stimulation and digestion support. Phenthlethlamine deficiency can lead to depression.

CDP Choline

Is a chemical in that occurs naturally in the brain. This compound originates from Japan, where doctors prescribed it for patients who had suffered from a stroke. In other countries however, this compound is prescribed for thinking problems related to circulation problems in the brain.


Picamilon is added to the Euphoria formula because it enhances mood, improves memory, and lowers blood pressure. It has also been reported that Picamilon helps with loss of memory and mood swings.


Is a chemical by-product of the protein building block L-tryptophan. 5-HTP is used for sleep disorders such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, migraine and tension-type headaches, fibromyalgia, obesity, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), seizure disorder, and Parkinson's disease.

Why Blackstone labs Euphoria rx is good for you?

  • Intense Mood Enhancer.
  • Helps Relieve Stress.
  • Supports Relaxation.
  • Overall Feeling of Well Being.
  • Elevates Sexual Experience.

Ingredients inside Euphoria rx

  • Betaphenylethlamine
  • CDP Choline
  • 5 HTP
  • L-Theanine
  • Cybidium Goeringi
  • 4-(Pyridine-3-carbonylamino) Butanoic Acid
  • N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolylglycine Ethyl Ester

Euphoria RX Reviews

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16 Capsules
Euphoria RX, 16 Capsule (In Stock) 
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