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Test RX

  Brand: Formutech Nutrition
Formutech Nutrition Test RX
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Formutech Nutrition Test RX

Test RX by Formutech Nutrition Is a revolutionary pro hormone from FormuTech that provide instant results to increase your strength and lean muscle mass faster. Test RX 60c is an rapidly anabolic nutrition with precise amounts of androgenic and estrogenic activities which will help you to gain massive strength, and long lasting stamina. It contains 12 different testosterone boosting compounds as well as a couple DHEA and prohormone compounds for an more edge on stamina in the gym.

Pinus Sylvestris

Extremely unique naturally occurring inclusion of Testosterone, Epitestosterone, and Androstenedione, each bound to a molecule of glucoronic acid that they can reach the blood stream unaffected.


DHEA metabolism that allow to convert an powerful hormone known as DHT. DHT expressed powerful androgenic capabilities for increasing strength, vascularity, lean body mass gains, as well as body fat reductions due to its anti-estrogenic effects.

Apium Graveolons

Ancient herb has long been used as a cure-all tonic for everything ìmaleî related, and recent studies have proven its efficacy. It capable of increasing libido and significant enhancement of spermatogenesis.

Andrographis Extract

This herb provides what researchers described as powerful testosterone and sildenafil effects it increases libido and ìmounting frequency by 850%.

Zinc Citrate

Provide beneficial quality for muscle gains in that it acts as an Aromatase Inhibitor, that lowering unwanted estrogen levels. This action helps it contribute a leaning/drying effect when supplemented in such a high dose.

Why Formutech Nutrition Test RX is good for you?

  • Strength & Aggression.
  • Revolutionary Libido Boosting Nutrition.
  • More Potent than Viagra.
  • Energy & Mood Enhancement.
  • Anti-Depressant & Anti-Anxiety.
  • Boosts Testosterone.

Ingredients inside Test RX

  • Pinus Sylvestris
  • Epiandrosterone
  • Apium Graveolons
  • Andrographis Extract
  • Dioscorea Nipponica
  • Pedalium Murex
  • Anacylus Pyrethrum
  • Molusca Powder
  • Massaluria Acuminata
  • Zinc Citrate

Test RX Reviews

60 Tablets
Test RX, 60 Tablet (Sold Out) 

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