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Myoblitz XS Powder

  Brand: Ronnie Coleman Series
Ronnie Coleman Series Myoblitz XS Powder
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When I first came out with MYO-BLITZ XS™, I wanted to create a pre-workout that performed and gave you a solid energy without any jitters. From the performance aspect I received great feedback but I wasn't getting the same comments regarding the energy side of things. After hearing consistently on social media and the boards that the people wanted MYO-BLITZ XS™ to be stronger I decided that it was time to listen because at the end of the day I'm here to create products that YOU want. I don't have any handcuffs on me like some other companies do, who are backed by a manufacturer or a larger brand, so if I want something changed IT GETS CHANGED! That's the difference here. Your requests have been heard. You said "STRONGER Ronnie"... so I added 7 new ingredients to the old formula WITHOUT removing any of the previous ingredients for a total of 18 ACTIVE ingredients. MYO-BLITZ XS™ is as strong as it gets, so prepare yourself!*


Myoblitz XS Powder Reviews

30 Servings
Blue Raspberry
Myoblitz XS Powder, 30 Servings, Blue Raspberry (Sold Out) 
Fruit Punch
Myoblitz XS Powder, 30 Servings, Fruit Punch (Sold Out) 
Myoblitz XS Powder, 30 Servings, Watermelon (Sold Out) 

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