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Prime Nutrition Shaker

  Brand: Prime Nutrition
Prime Nutrition Prime Nutrition Shaker
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Shaker Bottle

With Jaxx Insert

Designed by one of the best companies in the industry, Fit and Fresh produced our Prime Nutrition shaker bottle under the Jaxx product line. The Jaxx line includes a hard plastic jax inside the shaker bottle to keep your supplements from clumping.

Additionally our shaker bottle is designed with a slight bevel on the spout for pouring. Great for toting around the gym, at the house, or even take it with you on a run. We've got a limited supply, make sure to order yours before they are gone.

Dosing Directions

1. Insert supplement and water

2. Shake it

3. Enjoy


Prime Nutrition Shaker Reviews

1 Shaker Bottle
Prime Nutrition Shaker, 1 Shaker Bottle (Sold Out) 

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