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Eat-Smart Meal Replacement by iSatori

  Brand: iSatori
iSatori Eat-Smart Meal Replacement by iSatori
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Eat-Smart® Meal Replacement

High-Protein Meal Replacement Powder (Eat-Smart)

  • Highest quality proteins, including whey protein hydrolysates

  • Contains Nutrim (oats), fiber, enzymes, flaxseed, probiotics, vitamins and minerals to give you the best meal replacement on the market

  • Mixes easily and instantly for a rich, delicious shake in less than one minute

  • 97% gluten and lactose-free; no aspartame, maltodextrin, sugar, or trans fats

The perfect meal-replacement protein shake to help you rebuild a healthy, new body!


  The highest quality proteins from fast-absorbing whey isolates and hydrolysates + slow-releasing casein proteins provide a constant supply of growth-enhancing amino acids.
Oat beta-glucans from Nutrim® + Fibersol®-2 resistant fiber help make you feel fuller for longer to better control your appetite.
Over 4g of BCAA's and 8g of EAA's + 3g of Glutacel™ glutamine and peptides trigger protein synthesis and enhance your immune system to recover faster.

What flavors are available in Eat-Smart?

You can choose from our two outrageously delicious, almost sinful Flavors… Chocolate-Chocolate Chip and Double Vanilla Ice Cream…

How do I mix Eat-Smart?

Eat-Smart is "instantized," so this high-protein meal replacement nutrition shake mixes instantly and easily... for a perfect milkshake-like taste in less than a minute. To make an Eat-Smart shake, all you have to do is simply scoop your Eat-Smart into a blender or shaker cup with water or skim milk, blend it up, and serve. It's really as simple as that!

How is Eat-Smart different from other meal replacements?

Eat-Smart is the *only* high protein meal replacement nutrition shake mix to contain Nutrim™—the all-natural heart-healthy oat complex that is proven to satisfy your hunger and make you feel fuller, longer. What's great about Nutrim is that it is low glycemic (38, which is far lower than most carbohydrates you find in meal replacements, like maltodextrin, which is around 158. To put this into perspective, table sugar is 80!!).

See, Nutrim is made from only whole oats, which are healthy for our bodies. Nutrim has even been clinically shown to help stabilize blood sugar levels, which is critical for those who are dieting and trying to shed unwanted bodyfat.∆ⱡ

What's more, Nutrim has a high satiation index. What this means is that when you drink Eat-Smart, because it contains Nutrim, it will make you feel fuller, for longer.

Is Eat-Smart friendly to my stomach?

Eat-Smart contains probiotics and special enzymes to help fully absorb the proteins. Imagine that. Never again will you have to endure the usual cramps, bloating, or gastric distress that comes from most meal replacements and protein powders.

Does Eat-Smart contain aspartame or maltodextrin?

Unlike other meal replacements, Eat-Smart does *not* contain any useless, outdated, or unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated oils, corn syrup solids, maltodextrin, fructose, dextrose, or aspartame.

Eat-Smart is made from only the highest quality proteins, whole-food/low-glycemic carbohydrates, "good" fats, and added fiber—to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to recover from strenuous physical activity, sustain your energy levels, and build a healthy, strong, new you.

What form of protein does Eat-Smart contain?

Eat-Smart contains only the highest quality proteins—like microfiltered whey protein isolate (claimed by many leading experts to be the "gold standard" in proteins). In fact, it's our number one ingredient.

What are the fat sources contained in Eat-Smart?

They are called "essential" fats because while our bodies require them (and thus they are essential), we cannot manufacture them ourselves, within our bodies. Therefore, you have to supply your body with sources of these essential fats—called omega 3, 6, and 9. And one of the absolute best sources for these fats is from flax oil. Essential, or "good" fats as they are commonly called, are shown to help your body actually burn more of the "bad" fat. They've also been shown to help improve your immune system and help keep you healthier.∆

Is there any fiber in Eat-Smart?

As you know, science has shown, time and time again, we *should* consume anywhere between 25 to 35 grams of fiber each day for a healthy digestive system. Unfortunately, many of us never come near this amount on a daily basis. Plus, following a high-protein or low-carb diet can oftentimes lead to constipation and stomach discomfort.

So, to make it convenient and truly healthy, we added Fibersol®, a patented form of soluble fiber, which is tasteless and odorless. With two 16-ounce Eat-Smart shakes per day, you'll be getting 10 healthy grams of fiber.


Eat-Smart Meal Replacement by iSatori Reviews

28 Servings
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Eat-Smart Meal Replacement, 28 Servings, Chocolate Chocolate Chip (Sold Out) 
Double Vanilla Cream
Eat-Smart Meal Replacement, 28 Servings, Double Vanilla Cream (Sold Out) 

Eat-Smart Meal Replacement by iSatori Supplement Facts

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