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Xpand 2x (36 svg)

Dymatize Xpand 2x (36 svg)


Dymatize Xpand® 2x Muscle Igniter Pre-Workout Formula 

    • Power & Performance
    • Advanced Hybrid Concentrate
    • Explosive Strength and Stamina
    • Razor Sharp, Focused Energy

Dymatize Nutrition Xpand 2x represents a true breakthrough in performance nutrition science, setting a new standard in pre-workout and pre-performance formulas. Blending quality, proven ingredients in their highest potency, Dymatize has created an unrivaled, hybrid-concentrate pre-workout to help take your performance to the next level.

  • Pure creatine monohydrate, creatinol-o-phosphate, CarnoSyn® beta-alanine and active forms of B-vitamins (co-enzymes) enhance endurance and strength and build muscle
  • Highly concentrated cognitive enhancement lend provides razor-sharp, focused energy
  • Superior, research-backed BCAA ratios: 2:1:1 Leucine/Isoleucine/Valine complex
  • Nitric oxide blend of agmatine sulfate and a highly potent form of pomegranate extract for longer-lasting intense pumps
  • Ultra-micronized formula completely dissolves in seconds in cold water
  • Contains no DMAA



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