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Titanium by Athletix Nutrition

Athletix Nutrition Titanium by Athletix Nutrition





Gain The Edge | Break Plateaus



  • High Yielding Fenugreek Extract

  • Saponin-rich ChlorophytumNovel

  • Plantago Inclusion

  • Pharmacist Formulated




Athletix TITANIUM brings innovation and industry favorites rolled into one specially formulated final product. At Athletix, each and every ingredient and every final product is pharmacist researched, tested, and formulated.

We didn’t put 10 test boosting ingredients at tiny amounts into a formula and call it the next big thing…we engineered a careful formula that makes sense.

Fenugreek extract has been an ingredient in the world of bodybuilding, athletes, and men in general that just keeps getting better. Years ago there were low yielding extracts for sale that you’d have to take 10-12 capsules per day! Fenugreek saponins are one of the most researched ingredients in the animal and human models for strength, endurance, anti-stress, and hormonal properties. Titanium delivers a saponin-rich extract that allows for only a 3 capsule serving per day, with room for two new innovative ingredients!



When test boosters swept the market 7-10 years ago, there was an overwhelming amount of products and ingredients to choose from. Every company was trying to release the newest ingredient with the newest research, rather than giving the customers the best ingredients at the proper amount.

In our research to formulate Titanium we came back across Chlorophytum borivilianum, one of the most underrated herbs in the bodybuilding realm. We began testing a saponin-rich extract, and within days knew we found our next addition to Titanium.

The final inclusion in Titanium, Plantago major L. extract, is what separates Titanium from every other product in its category and gives it an edge that you can’t get anywhere else. This herb has shown very exciting and promising data in animals regarding increases in endurance.

Titanium fits into everyone’s arsenal…it’s time to gain the edge and break your plateaus!



Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily with food. DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN 3 CAPSULES IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD. Do not take product for longer than 8 weeks without a subsequent 4 week break.




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