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Scorch by MAN Sports

  Brand: MAN Sports
MAN Sports Scorch by MAN Sports
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MAN Sports

The starting point to success is desire – you gotta want it! At MAN™ Sports,
we recognize that in order to get in shape - to get a rock-hard body…in order to
get the type of physique that keeps you confident and secure at all times, you
gotta get in the trenches and make it happen with proper nutrition and exercise.
There just no way around that and as a company we want to make that perfectly
clear to you, right here and right now.

Having said that, if you want the ultimate edge so you can REVEAL THE STEEL™
and Sex Appeal…And if you are looking for something that is founded on
revolutionary innovations, scientifically and clinically supported ingredients
and something that is totally on the cutting edge, we introduce you to New!

Unlike any other product ever invented before, New! SCORCH™ is without a
shadow of a doubt the most potent, most effective and most complete fat burning
formulation ever assembled. By initiating a body fat burning onslaught that
defies description, New! SCORCH ™ is guaranteed to make getting in shape easier
than ever.

So, if you really want a rock-hard body and want to REVEAL THE STEEL™ set free
your burning desire to look and feel your best and make it happen today with


  1. Burns Fat and Fast!

  2. Produces Big-Time Energy Boost That is Clean and Non-Jittery

  3. Controls Appetite

  4. Increases Mental Clarity, Focus, and Mood

  5. Contains No Ephedrine (stacks well with it for those who can tolerate it)

  6. Features Raspberry Ketones, Evodiamine, PEA, Lean Green™ (EGCG’s) P2™
    (polymerized polyphenols), Thiamine Disulfide and more!

  7. Contains only quality ingredients in scientifically proven doses with no
    gimmicky proprietary blend. One look at the label tells you all – New! SCORCH™
    works BIG-TIME!

  8. Stacks well with VAPORIZETM for The Ultimate Fat Burning Phenomena



Raspberry Ketones (RK) are the compounds in raspberries that impart the
characteristic fruity odor. New research shows that RK posses potent fat-loss
properties and represent a new tool in fighting obesity and aiding fat loss.

The chemical structure of RK resembles that of capsaicin (of red peppers) and
synephrine, found in Citrus Aurantium. Both synephrine and capsaicin are well
documented for their ability to produce thermogenesis through the release of
norepinephrine. Due to the similarity in structure of RK to capsaicin and
synephrine, scientific research to test the fat-loss effects of RK was done.

Research clearly showed that RK prevented the onset of obesity in mice even
when the animals were on a high-fat diet. RK also prevented an increase in blood
triglyceride following a high-fat meal. When rats were overfed fructose, a
simple sugar linked to the current obesity epidemic, RK prevented fat synthesis.
RK appears to fight off fat storage. RK’s fat loss effects come from their
ability to enhance norepineprine-induced fat loss by promoting the relocation of
HSL from the cytosol of cells directly to fat deposits.

RK prevents and improves obesity with its main mechanism of action being its
effects in altering the lipid metabolism through increasing norepinephrine-induced

PEA (phenylethylamine)

Phenethylamine, (PEA), is an alkaloid and monoamine found in many foods such
as chocolate. Its high concentration in chocolate has given this compound the
reputation of being the love drug that is associated chocolate. In the human
brain it is believed to function as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter (trace
amine). It posses potent stimulatory, anorectic and mood elevating properties
making it an effective weight loss supplement.

Isobutyryl Thiamine Disulfide

Isobutyryl Thiamine Disulfide is a new fat soluble derivative of the
B-vitamin B-1 (Thiamine). It more rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier and it
uses are for mental and physical fatigue. It supports alertness, memory and
posses anti-stress properties.


Synephrine is an adrenergic amine, with mild stimulating properties, that
enhances the metabolic rate, increases fat burning, suppresses appetite and
spares muscle protein. Found naturally occurring in the fruit Citrus Aurantium,
Synephrine represents a natural alternative to its chemical cousin ephedrine for
providing weight-loss results without the side effects of ephedrine.

Synephrine appears to offer all of the advantages of a stimulant, without
their short comings since it considered a semi-selective sympathomimetic - it
targets some tissues such as fat, more than it targets others such as the heart
– compared to a non-selective sympathomimetic like ephedrine which targets many
tissues equally and thus often causes side effects such as jitteriness, heart
palpitations and son on.

The mechanism of action of Synephrine is unique amongst weight loss
supplements in that Synephrine is an agonist of the alpha-1 adrenoreceptor. The
alpha-1 adrenoreceptor is involved in many physiological processes, playing a
variety of roles in adipose tissue, such as modulating intracellular Ca2+ and
protein kinase C levels and glycogenolysis and lactate production. Alpha-1
agonists have been shown to increase lipolysis in a variety of studies. This
effect is potentiated by beta receptor stimulation, adenosine antagonism, and
elevated cAMP levels, so ephedrine, caffeine, forskolin, raspberry ketones and
possibly compounds such as evodiamine, gingerols and capsaicin may all be
synergistic with Synephrine in regards to weight loss. The appetite suppression
caused by Synephrine is also known to be attributed to alpha-1 agonism, so
Synephrine can also be expected to aid in a fat loss plan by reducing the amount
of calories consumed on a daily basis.

Evodiamine is a bioactive alkaloid found in the fruit Evodiae Fructus (also
known as Wu-Chu-Yu). It has been used for centuries by Chinese Medicinally as a
tool to promote weight loss. Its main mechanisms of action is believed to be
through stimulation of the vanilloids receptors, which gives Evodiamine the
distinctive potential to increase heat production and heat loss simultaneously,
ultimately leading to the use of fat for fuel. Recent studies on mammals confirm
that Evodiamine does indeed promote weight loss.

Additionally Evodiamine increases catecholamine secretion from the adrenal
glands leading to stimulatory properties and cAMP activation. cAMP causes the
activation of about 300 different enzyme reactions in the body. Essentially this
puts ATP production, synthesis of protein and the metabolism of fats and
carbohydrates into overdrive, and that can help you get lean and hard.

All in all, Evodiamine is an effective thermogenic agent that promotes
energy, has diuretic properties, and vasodilating properties.


Oolong Tea has been studied extensively for its antioxidant properties and it
is believed to aid in decreasing bodyfat.

A recent study on Oolong Tea showed it to increase metabolism even more so
than the popular Green Tea. Oolong Tea increased resting energy needs by 10
percent compared to 4 percent for Green Tea. Don’t go throwing away your Green
Tea just yet. Researchers found that the teas work for different reasons. Green
Tea is high in catechins and caffeine, while Oolong Tea is high in P2™
Polymerized Polyphenols (several Polyphenols linked together). The research
suggests that P2™ Polymerized Polyphenols in Oolong Tea are responsible for the
increased Energy Expenditure (EE) and that by taking Green Tea in conjunction
(high in catechins) may provide an even greater fat-burning effect.

An abundance of research has confirmed that Green Tea can cause weight loss
through multiple ways. Green Tea has been shown to be an effective appetite
suppressant and to increase thermogenesis. Thermogenesis refers to energy used
in heat production that is not related to resting metabolism or physical
activity. Green Tea effects on body weight and energy expenditure were examined
in a study that reported that 24-h energy expenditure (EE) and fat oxidation
increased in healthy, young men who consumed a Green Tea Extract containing
caffeine and Green Tea Polyphenols(catechins which include EC, EGC, ECG, and
EGCG). Of these, EGCG epigallocatechin gallate is the most active. It was
concluded that Green Tea Polyphenols, especially EGCG stimulate thermogenesis
and fat oxidation. A synergistic effect of EGCG and caffeine may be responsible
for enhancing thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

Additionally the catechins, found in Green Tea are known to possess potent
antioxidant activity by protecting the body from the damaging effects of
oxidative damage from free radicals.

A natural Central Nervous System stimulant, caffeine is also extremely
well-documented to possess thermogenic and appetite-suppressive qualities.
Caffeine is widely used for its ability to provide energy levels and has been
shown to increase reaction time and enhance athletic performance.


Bioperine® is a standardized extract from the fruit of Piper nigrum L (black
pepper) or Piper longum L (long pepper). It contains 95 percent of piperine.
Bioperine® may be co-administered with various nutrients for both human and
animal health.

The metabolic process that generates energy at the cellular level in the
human body is called thermogenesis. Though thermogenesis has been identified as
a key factor in maintaining weight loss, it has also been identified as playing
an integral role in utilizing the daily food and nutrients that the human body
consumes. It sets in motion the mechanisms that lead to digestion and subsequent
gastrointestinal absorption. Piperine, in the patented form of Bioperine®
enhances the body's natural thermogenic activity - hence the term Thermonutrient®.

This enhancement may be explained as a means of increasing the thermal energy
sufficient to "power up" the mechanism related to thermogenesis. This in turn
results in increased metabolic processes that creates a "demand" for "supply" of
a broad range of nutrients that contribute to metabolism, i.e. vitamins,
minerals, herbals, amino acids, etc. It is as if Bioperine® activates a
metabolic paddle wheel, of sorts, that selectively provides a more efficient
mode of nutrient transportation into the blood.

Bioperine® is the only product sourced out of piperine to obtain a patented
status for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds.
Secondly, it is the only source from piperine to have undergone clinical studies
in the U.S. to substantiate its safety and efficacy for nutritional use.

Bioperine® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corp. and is protected by
U.S. Patents; No. 5,536,506, No. 5,744,161, No. 5,972,382, No. 6,054,585

GINGER ROOT SE Gingerols & Shogaols

Ginger consists of the fresh or dried roots of Zingiber officinale. Ginger is
a known diaphoretic, meaning it causes one to sweat. It is also carminative,
which means that it helps break up intestinal gas. It also has the ability to
cleanse the colon, reduce spasms and cramps, stimulate circulation, and aid
metabolism. It also improves digestion and promotes a positive mood. It is often
used as an adjunct to other remedies for general tonic or stimulant purposes.
Ginger has long been ascribed aphrodisiac powers as well.

Ginger extracts have been extensively studied for a broad range of biological
activities including antibacterial, anticonvulsant, analgesic, antiulcer,
gastric antisecretory, antitumor, antifungal, antispasmodic, antiallergenic, and
other activities. Gingerols and Shogaols are the pungent chemicals of the herb
and have been shown to be inhibitors of prostaglandin biosynthesis.

Other scientific studies show that Gingerols and Shogaols help counter liver
toxicity by increasing bile secretion.


Scorch by MAN Sports Reviews

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Scorch by MAN Sports Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

168 Capsules
Serving size 3 Capsules
Servings per container 56
Amount Per Serving
Bioperine 5 mg 0%
Caffeine USP 200 mg 0%
Evodiamine 99% 50 mg 0%
Ginger Root SE 50 mg 0%
Isobutyryl Thiamine Disulfide 150 mg 0%
Lean Green Green Tea SE 250 mg 0%
P2 Oolong Tea SE 250 mg 0%
PEA (Phenylethylamine) 150 mg 0%
RK Raspberry Ketones 125 mg 0%
Synephrine 99% 20 mg 0%
Total EGCG Per Serving 150 mg 0%
Total Polymerized Polyphenols Per Serving 75 mg 0%

 Other Ingredients

Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium Stearate, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40, titanium dioxide, gelatin.

 Directions for Scorch by MAN Sports

As an adult dietary supplement, take 3 Thermo-Caps twice daily on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning and in the afternoon. Separate each dose of Scorch by at least 4 hours. Do not take it past 4:00 PM as it may interfere with sleep. Individuals sensitive to stimulants may want to begin usage with 1 to 2 Thermo-Caps 1 to 2 times daily to assess their tolerance. Use for no longer than 8 weeks straight, followed by an off period of at least 2 weeks before resuming use. Scorch can be stacked with Vaporize and other products from MAN Sports for dramatic body fat reducing effects.

 Warnings for Scorch by MAN Sports

Keep out of reach of children. This product is not to be used by individuals under the age of 18, the elderly, pregnant women, or those with or predisposed to high blood pressure or any cardiovascular problems. Do not use with alcohol or anti-depressants or MAO inhibitors. Store in a cool dry place.
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