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Pure PF3

  Brand: MAN Sports
MAN Sports Pure PF3
Overall Rating:   4 out of 5
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MAN Sports

I Urge You to Get Comfortable & Read This ENTIRE Letter Now!

It’s That Important …

Let me begin by saying this is a letter I NEVER thought I’d write…

The LAST thing I ever wanted to do was get into the Protein market.

After all, it’s over-crowded with pretty much the same damned products over and over and again, basically disguised in different packaging. 

I always found the whole thing to be rather nauseating honestly … I mean, how many times can someone do the same thing?

With that said, I like having quality lean muscle, accelerated recovery, and increased strength... I mean, who doesn’t?

For the past two years people have seen me walking around the gym, office, dinner table, everywhere… pulling out this plain, no label bottle and scooping out this white powder which I added to just about EVERYTHING.

The guys in the gym swore it was a new "designer drug" because my physique transformed so fast.

… And, let me stress again, this was only intended for my own personal use.

Before I knew it, I was supplying half the gym, and many of my Internet friends, with my “bio-active protein”.

They’d ask me if they could try it and then inevitably they would say they couldn’t “train without it”.

The LEGEND of the plain bottle grew.  People were lifting more, pumping out extra reps, accelerating recovery and leaning out at a record pace.

But handing out supplements at the gym was not my first priority (and quite frankly, a massive pain in the ass at times and very expensive, but more on that in a minute), as a result sometimes I would forget or just wouldn’t be able to bring enough for everyone who wanted it.

People then started getting on my case about releasing it as product. But even with the success of my powder I still didn’t want anything to do with the protein market. There’s just too many competitors already in the market. Plus, I honestly thought that … 

No one was ready for the true meaning of “protein”

You see, big protein companies basically own all of the media ... it’s become big business and when’s the last time “big business” ever looked out for us, the consumers. 

Damn, it’s even traded on the stock market. You think it’s in their best interest to keep you in the dark and continue force feeding you giant scoop after giant scoop of their inferior protein? Fuck yeah it is. 

Real bio-active protein is extremely expensive & was never intended for “public” consumption. It’s huge in the pharma world, for good reason. This shit works! 

But the cost of bio-active aka “pharma grade” protein is more than what most people spend in a year on supplements.  After 2 years of begging and emailing pharma manufacturers, one finally agreed to make a “small batch” for me … but it is a very “limited amount”.

They simply can’t make enough of this stuff, the demand in the pharma world is so much higher than the raw material that is available. This is no gimmick … pretty soon you will see an “out of stock” sign right here. But the truth is when it comes to bio-active protein, I’ve realized that … 

 “Wow, People Really DO Need This.”

My “plain bottle protein” is so much more powerful and just flat out better than everything else on the market that now I feel like I’m obligated to bottle it up and let the hardcore guys who know the real deal when they see it be able to scoop it up for themselves.

But again, I really don’t want to play in the protein game. It just doesn’t excite me…

So, under immense pressure, I’ve decided to do a micro run of my protein powder, which I’m calling MAN Sports Pure PF3, and only release it on the Internet for now.

This way, I won’t have to advertise it, it won’t take away from the MAN Sports focus and it will simply spread by word-of-mouth.


Now you might be asking yourself, “Instead of going to all this trouble, why don’t you just make one of the 10,000 protein formulas already on the market?”

It’s Time You Learned the Truth about Bio-Active Value (BV) 

Bio-Active Value is a hot topic right now but could it really be important as all the experts are saying … could it really be holding you back from getting the body of your dreams? 

In a word – YES! And I’ll tell you why in just a minute. But first, let me explain what “Bio-Active Value” is to those who are not yet familiar with it. 

Bio-Active Value is made up of a handful of key ingredients that trigger rapid recovery, increased strength, and accelerate healthy Lean Muscle : Body Fat Ratio…

And guess what?

You know all those protein products that you spend so much money on and see little to no results from taking?

Yep, they have extremely low levels of Bio-Active Value.

At least now you know why you haven’t been making gains. It’s not your fault, after all!

Why Bio-Active Value is so Much More Important Than Nutritional Value…

Until recently, it was simply not possible to isolate and concentrate the Bio-Active Value of protein due to the ultra-sensitivity of the ingredients.

Because of this fact, we were left to view protein merely as a Nutritional Value-based supplement.

Now the Nutritional Value of protein contains Protein, Carbs, Fat, Ash & moisture, mmmm, love me some ash. The Bio-Active Value yields powerful  ingredients that “trigger” benefits 10-fold what the Nutritional Value could ever offer.

Take a look:


 Unfortunately, We’ve discovered that all the so-called ‘high quality’ proteins that are on the market fall well short when it comes to bio-active value!

For example, we took what was until recently thought to be the highest quality protein available – a protein isolate that is undenatured, cold temp processed, micro filtered – and we sent it to the lab to test the Bio-Active Value.

 Brace yourself, because you will be shocked and extremely disappointed in the results ... 

The Bio-Active Value of this “best available” isolate protein was a tiny 3%! 

Just look at all that you are missing out on by taking this inefficient, poor quality protein: 


Clearly, you deserve better. You deserve a protein with high Bio-Active Value that will reward you for your hard efforts in the gym. 

In Short, You Deserve Pure PF3!

Here’s what we’ve done – we’ve created a safe, highly effective protein that delivers a super dose of Bio-Active Value.

Called Pure PF3, this protein is manufactured and processed in a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art $25 million facility that doesn’t produce anything other than Pure PF3.

The scientific method for manufacturing, isolating, and concentrating bio-active growth factors and peptide protein fractions to a safe measurable powder in Pure PF3 is the first of its kind.

In fact, the unique, compounded, patent-pending processing of Pure PF3™ is a major reason why it is rapidly absorbed, non-bloating, and ideal to regenerate lean tissue. 

Pure PF3 Contains the Highest Concentrated Bio-Active Value That Yields the Perfect Ratio of Revolutionary Building Blocks!


Here Are Just Some of the Benefits You Can Expect From Taking Pure PF3 … 

Regenerate & Accelerate Muscle Tissue

Pure PF3 is packed with Immunoglobulin G (IgG for short), which is the most abundant and vital antibody found in the human body.

IgG has been shown to be a stimulator for growth in proteins but also activates your body to regenerate and accelerate muscle tissue promoting an anabolic environment at all times. 

Commonly known as the “trigger” in protein that tells your body to “burn” fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue during dieting, IgG can be hugely beneficial for people trying to establish a better quality Lean Muscle Mass to Body Fat Ratio.

 No Gut Inflammation or Bloating

High protein diets cause gut inflammation and distress, which can cause a bloated appearing stomach, gas and belching.

More importantly, gut inflammation can destroy the natural release of IGF-1 output post workout.

IGF-1 increases the transportation of amino acids into muscle cells, provides raw material needed to repair damage to the DNA and initiates cell division. 

The ingredients in MAN Sports Pure PF3 have been proven to nearly stop gut inflammation allowing for a massive spike in protein assimilation and bio-availability. This spurs your body to regenerate and repair muscle faster than ever.


Replenish Glycogen Levels Efficiently

Pure PF3 is glyco-protein meaning that it has glycogen type characteristics but is a protein by nature.

Glyco-proteins help replenish glycogen levels efficiently without you having to consume any actual carbohydrates.

Better Assimilation and Absorption of Nutrients

Pure PF3 is engineered with an extremely high molecular weight. This precise molecular size is not too big and not too small but rather just the perfect size for assimilation by the body. 

The super heavy molecular weight acts as a vacuum shuttling nutrients immediately to the bottom of your stomach and loading nutrients extremely quickly through the intestinal wall.

Once PF3 is absorbed it slows down the flow of nutrients allowing your body to assimilate and absorb them up to 16x more efficiently due to the large molecular size and weight. This is perfect for increasing protein and nutrient absorption, assimilation and bioavailability.


Plain & Simple the BEST Thing You Can do Before, During & After Your Workouts is Drink Pure PF3! 

Pure PF3™ is designed to feed your muscles high-quality peptide protein fractions and bio-active growth factors. It’s designed to get all the nutrients through the stomach and in the muscle, where they belong! 

The end result? You suddenly begin to make the gains you’ve been missing out on because the protein you were using simply wasn’t supplying the necessary nutrients.

So Are You Ready to Take Your Protein … & Your

Workout Results … to the Next Level?


MAN Sports Pure PF3 is the only concentrated protein with the highest quality ingredients available.

No pixy dusted ingredients, no empty calories, no added filler ingredients and minimal packaging means the absolute cleanest, healthiest and best value for you.

This goes against everything.

The bio-active ingredients in Pure PF3 are backed by countless studies – that for some reason have been withheld from you. Probably because this information is extremely controversial and challenges what the billion dollar protein companies have been saying for years. 

Unfortunately, you’ll never hear this information from other supplement companies, reps or “protein specialists,” after all selling you pound after pound of low-grade protein keeps them in business.

No company wants to talk about the Bio-Active % of their proteins because the truth hurts. This is the problem with our industry – no one will just man up and tell the truth.  This is probably the industry’s best-kept secret and it goes against what everyone is advertising and educating (aka brainwashing). 

We’ve all heard it – you need 40-50g of protein twice daily… it’s what all of the mags say. This is just not true anymore. Taking a concentrated dose of bio-active value yielding super dosed peptide protein fractions and growth factors blows away the results of low grade nutritional value alone everyday.

If your one of the millions of people that drinks a protein shake and experiences stomach bloat, belching, muscle soreness days after a workout, and your gaining fat from the surplus of empty calories you’re ingesting – then you are absolutely drinking the low grade, useless filler protein that I’m preaching about.

Pure PF3 is completely ahead of its time!

But selling truck-loads of Pure PF3 was never the goal. (even if I wanted to I couldn’t make enough of it) This is exactly why we’re only offering this to the educated supplement consumer that takes their lifting (and money in the wallet) seriously.

Sounds like I’ll get huge in just a few weeks

Of course not – that’s not what I’m saying at all. And if that’s what you think– then please go flip through a magazine and buy what your favorite IFBB pro bodybuilder is “taking.” 

Without busting your butt in the gym no amount of supplements or even illegal stuff will help you. Make sure your diet is on point as well.

There is no such thing as magical supplement that is going to make you huge & cut overnight without you putting the work in. 

They simply can’t make enough of this stuff, the demand in the pharma world is so much higher than the raw material that is available. This is no gimmick … pretty soon you will see an “out of stock” sign right here

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. What is Bio-Active Value?

A. Bio-Active Value is made up of a handful of key ingredients that trigger rapid recovery, increased strength, regenerate lean tissue, and accelerate healthy Lean Muscle : Body Fat Ratio.

Q. Why is Bio-Active Value Important?

A. The Bio-Active Value of protein yields healthy ingredients that “trigger” benefits 10-fold what the Nutritional Value of protein could ever offer.

Q. Why do traditional proteins contain so little bio-active value?

A. In a word, “cost.” Demand in the pharma world is so much higher than the raw material that is available. As a result, typical protein manufacturers add low-grade, useless filler protein and other ingredients to their mixtures which can often result stomach bloat, belching, and the gaining of fat.

Q. What benefits can I expect from Pure PF3?

A. Users report they experience accelerated recovery, increased quality lean mass and are able to get lean faster. See the chart above on this page for additional benefits of using high bio-active value protein.

Q. I’ve heard Colostrum has some Bio-Active Value (i.e. Growth Factors & Peptide Protein Fractions)?

A. This is true - colostrum does have a 12-15% bio-active value in comparison to Pure PF3’s 75% Bio-Active Value. The problem is when Colostrum is ingested it naturally causes gut (stomach) inflammation which destroys nearly all bio-active value – making the ingredient useless. This is why you see people eating mounds of this stuff and gain almost zero benefits. If you want to put this to the test make a pit stop at your local feed store where you can pick some up for cheap.

Q. How do I take Pure PF3?

A. Take Pure PF3 just like you would any other healthy protein supplement.

  • With Meals: Increase quality nutrients, and promote quality lean mass.
  • Pre/ Post - Workout: Enhance Nutrients Bio-Availability, Assimilation & Super-Shuttle to Hungry Muscle Cells. Only helps your other supplements (i.e. Creatine, Aminos, Glutamine, Cell Volumizers, etc. ) work much more efficiently for you!
  • Intra-Workout: Sustain endurance, Vascularity, & Muscle Pumps with a high dose of Concentrated Growth Factors & Peptide Protein Fractions.

Q. How does it taste & mix? – Don’t lie.

A. Typical proteins are chalky and hide behind strong masking agents like cocoa so it can be choked down. Pure PF3 taste amazing plus comes in amazing fruity flavors. Easily mixes like sugar in water. We spent several months perfecting each flavor profile until we were absolutely satisfied! Taste is not everything – but it sure helps when something taste delicious – especially when there is some ground-breaking science behind it. Even the unflavored has a naturally sweet taste to it – so it will compliment anything you mix with it!


Pure PF3 Reviews

Write a Review
  2.5 out of 5     Verified Buyer

Still hard getting back in the routine

by: Cameron
Date: 03/28/2014
Would buy again? Maybe
I just got back into the gym after a long injury hiatus. Started using Pure PF3 mainly bc I was afraid of the DOMs and was ultimately trying to accelerate recovery. It wasn't as effective as I had hoped, although i'm not sure my results are going to be an accurate reflection of what a normal, consistently active lifter would experience.
  5 out of 5     Verified Buyer

Improved Recovery

by: Avi
Date: 03/24/2014
Would buy again? Yes
I've been using Pure PF3 for three weeks now. Absolutely love it - have replaced all but one 75gram shake a day (was doing 3, 75g shakes before). My recovery is just as good, if not better and I have experienced minimal DOMs. The Candy Grape flavor rocks!
  4.5 out of 5     Verified Buyer

Eliminate bloating

by: Taylor
Date: 03/24/2014
Would buy again? Yes
Most proteins give me gas and/or bloat, and the ones that doesn't - well, they taste awful. That said, I was very excited to try Pure PF3. I didn't experience whacky GI problems, and Pure PF3 tastes great. Since I made the switch, i've noticed my recovery has improved, my waistline appears smaller - and duh, zero stomach issues. I've been so pleased with the results that i've actually stopped taking my other protein and totally replaced it with PF3.

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