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Orotine by MAN Sports

  Brand: MAN Sports
CREATINE > Creatine Monohydrate
MAN Sports Orotine by MAN Sports
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272 Capsules The World’s Best Creatine!

For just a moment use your imagination.  Create a picture of a legal and safe
nutritional supplement that was so potent and so effective that it would allow
you to surpass barriers in building strength, increasing stamina and lean body
mass.  It would be void of negative side effects and it would produce real
results you could see and feel. 

With the perfected infusion of knowledge and a little imagination, that
vision is now the reality.  MAN Sports proudly introduces you to The KING of
CREATINES™ - OROTINE™ - a combination of two revolutionary performance and
physique enhancing compounds in one - creatine orotate (creatine bound to orotic
acid).  As a result this form of creatine produces more dramatic increases in
power, stamina and lean body mass than any form of creatine, in fact no form of
creatine compares to OROTINE™ and we mean none!  Don’t be fooled by the hype of
so called soluble and ultra bioavailable forms of creatine.  No single creatine
compound on the market comes close to producing the dramatic effects of OROTINE™. 
OROTINE™ is The World’s Best Creatine!  As a matter of fact MAN Sports creatine
orotate is so effective at enhancing and replenishing energy it has even been
used in studies to help with improving the condition, procurement and
preservation of beating and non beating hearts for transplantation.


Contains 2 scientifically proven performance enhancing ingredients in one
compound; Creatine and Orotic Acid The only form of creatine that increases -
Beta-Alanine production – That means far more power and endurance than other
forms of creatine Boosts muscle phosphocreatine and creatine levels more
effectively than creatine alone Increases protein synthesis and lean body mass
Supports glucose uptake and glycogen storage – leading to fuller and hard
muscles No stomach discomfort or BLOAT Ideal for sprinters, fighters,
bodybuilder and athletes of all walks of life Stacks well with BBLUEPRINT,
PRIMAL MALE, BODYOCTANE and other MAN Sports products


Creatine has been scientifically proven effective in maintaining ATP (the
fuel that powers your muscles) levels and increasing recovery during and
following high intensity exercise. It is also a proven cell-volumizer.  What is
unknown to many of creatine is that it functions similar in fashion to carnosine
in that it helps with the maintenance of cellular pH. Maintaining proper cell pH
enhances performance!  More evidence suggests creatine can reduce muscle damage
from endurance exercise making it a great supplement for endurance and power
athletes alike. 

Orotic Acid (OA) is a precursor of pyrimidine and nucleic acids which are
vital for optimal cell functioning and energy metabolism. OA enhances and
maintains ATP pools in three ways:

  • The production of ribose moieties (R-1-P and R-5-P) for the salvage or de
    novo synthesis of purine nucleotides by a process know as "ribose transfer".
    Many of you may remember ribose (a sugar component of ATP) supplementation being
    touted as an enhancer of high intensity repetitive exercise performance. For a
    quick recap on the energy producing pathways of ribose seen

The way OA enhances the formation of ATP is by providing the direct precursor
to phosphoribosylpyrophosphate (PRPP) a key energy-supplying compound in the
de-novo synthesis of purine and pyrimidine nucleotides (I know that's a real
mouthful). The reserve of PRPP is poor because of the low capacity of the
pentose phosphate pathway. Therefore the generation of ribose-5-phosphate
(R-5-P) the immediate precursor to PRPP ribose supply can be enhanced with OA
and as a result greater ATP regeneration.

  • The second pathway is by increasing the pool of Uridine Monophosphate (UMP),
    which requires ATP to convert to further downstream pyrimidine nucleotides (UTP
    & CTP).  By increasing the levels of these nucleotides the draw on ATP reserves
    to synthesize them is decreased thereby enhancing the availability of ATP for
    other metabolic process such as energy and contractile producing pathways.
  • The final pathway is by means of elevation of intracellular glycogen stores.
    These elevated glycogen stores generated from a greater uptake of glucose lead
    to an enhanced capacity for ATP resynthesis from anaerobic glycolysis. What this means is more energy for hard working muscles.  Evidence also
    suggests OA can be used to synthesize carnosine (the ultimate buffering
    nutrient) by elevating its natural precursor “beta-alanine”.  This is
    illustrated in the chart below:

More recent studies have shown OA supplementation enhances endurance
performance and exercise capacity. OA also has been shown to augment muscle
hypertrophy and to increase the contractile capacity of muscle.

As you can clearly see this Creatine/Orotic Acid complex truly is The KING of
CREATINES! TM  and pushes the power to fight muscle fatigue to completely new
levels.  Not only do you get the scientifically proven power, endurance and
recovery of creatine supplementation, but you also get the high energy, power,
recovery and growth stimulating properties of Orotic Acid. Make OROTINE™ your
creatine supplementation choice today!


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