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LEAN EFX Classic by Formutech Nutrition

  Brand: Formutech Nutrition
Formutech Nutrition LEAN EFX Classic by Formutech Nutrition
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Lean EFX: Science-Driven, Rapid Weight Loss!

If there was a baseball analogy to describe Formutech Nutrition’s Lean EFX it might go something like this: The power of Barry Bonds, the speed of Manny Ramirez and the price point of, well, a minor league prospect. The industry icon Lean EFX is back and bringing with it all of the ingredients that fans have raved about for years to bring you amazing all day energy in just one tablet.

The biggest challenge to consumers when looking for an edge to lose weight, increase their energy levels throughout the day or push themselves harder through their next workout is trying to figure out what ingredients and products work. Deciphering the testimonials and reviews across the inter-webs is helpful to a degree, but sometimes it takes a masters in bio-chemical engineering to have a strong understanding of what Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is (yes it is a real published word) let alone know how your body will react to it. Let's take a look at what Lean EFX has in store for you.

Lean EFX has created three very distinct Proprietary Blends of ingredients to create this weight loss product. What does that mean to you? First, it means no one is copying what they do and won’t be able to under sell them. More importantly for Lean EFX, it means they have taken the time to understand the synergy each ingredient brings on its own. It takes those ingredients at just the right amounts and combines them to give you a smooth, controllable and sustained burst of energy that lasts all day long.

The first of the three blends is Next Gen EFX, totaling a mere 375mg of ingredients. Things really start to heat up with the 2nd blend -  240mg Thermo EFX.  The last is the soothing sound of the Neurotherapy EFX and it's 90mg of ingredients. Taking one look at this, you might ask, “how does less than 1 gram of total ingredient give me energy for an entire day, let alone only having to take one tablet per day, max?” Well, more is not always better and with Lean EFX that mantra could not be more correct.

Looking at the ingredients for the Next Gen EFX we see some familiar names in the supplement world. Niacin, or B3 is a naturally occurring vitamin that is responsible for a host of good things in our body. In higher levels it supports good cholesterol, fights bad cholesterol and triglycerides and is a vasodilator, meaning it helps relax blood vessels throughout the body. Where most people notice it first or the most anyway, is in their face - a warm sensation and redness across your entire body but primarily in your face. Then there are things we recognize like Green Tea extract, Bearberry and Taraxacum but it's the scary things like 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine that makes understanding ingredients challenging. Don't worry. It is simply the most commonly used ingredient in any stimulant based supplement; caffeine!

Now before I go into great detail about the ingredients in the Thermo EFX, I think its a good idea to understand that this is the primary reason people love this product. Another scary chemical name (1,3 Dimethylamylamine) far better known as DMAA. A version of this was available as a decongestant dating back to the 1970's and was sold for more than a decade. DMAA as of recent has been demonized by attorneys looking for some good spin doctoring and removed for use in the supplement market by the federal government. DMAA has now been brought back by the efforts of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and others in their relentless pursuit for governmental responsibility. As for that side of it, I think leaving it up to the scientists and politicians to decipher it is fine, but let the educated consumer decide on what works for them.

Now to better understand what DMAA is and where it's from. DMAA or Dimethylamylamine is derived from the Geranium plant (Pelargonium graveolens) and as a synthetic derivative of the same plant. DMAA is a potent producer of sustainable daily energy without the jittery feelings high dosing caffeine and other central nervous stimulants can give you. People who use DMAA based Lean EFX appreciate only having to take one capsule per day. No more forgetting to take it late in the day only to take one and stay awake most of the night. Forget about crashing hard mid day and struggling to complete your daily work and tasks. Lean EFX with DMAA will get you through challenging days and from the anecdotal stories I read, most don't need a pre-workout while using this. Is it an all in one capsule energy tab for your challenging day?

The final segment in this is the Neurotherapy EFX which provides on the surface, some interesting ingredients. The standout for me here is the 5-Hydroxytryptophan. Derived from a plant native to Africa, this chemical by-product of the amino acid Tryptophan (you know, the one that makes you sleepy after eating turkey) is used as a supplement across a wide array of neurological issues. From sleeplessness, anxiety, PMS, ADHD, & Parkinsons related issues it is supplemented and prescribed around the world. It is safe to assume that the calming affects of 5-HTP combined with the N-Acetyl Tyrosine keeps your Sympathetic Nervous System from overloading with too many stimulants. This should not though, have an affect on your Parasympathetic Nervous System and its function to keep your engine running faster with Lean EFX as part of your daily regimen to lose weight.

What really separates Lean EFX from so many other products on the market are two things; a science backed application of ingredients and second to that, synergism between all of the ingredients. If you are thinking to yourself I know that word but what does it mean again... synergy is an ability to work more effectively with something else and increase the function greater than 1x1. Here is how I sum up synergy. Say you have a car with 4 wheels, but no tires. Not too functional right? Well, let's add one tire. We have a little more grip and the car is moving, but now its pulling to one side. Lets add another tire. Wow, much faster, pulling has stopped but I think there is more in it. Lets add two more tires, one on every wheel. Speed, pull, traction, maneuverability all increase at a rate greater than just adding 1+1+1+1. In the Lean EFX case, 1+1 = more like 4!

Lean EFX has brought on staff with an even deeper understanding of science and chemistry, thus allowing a fine tune to the ingredients in this product. These ingredients are of the utmost quality and stand the test of time from users who are continuing to utilize Lean EFX and elated to see its return. DMAA is here to stay and has been nothing but amazing for those who have used it appropriately. Adding Lean EFX to a stable nutritional plan and exercise several days per week is a guaranteed way to see results in any weight loss plan.


LEAN EFX Classic by Formutech Nutrition Reviews

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