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High Volume by Athletix Nutrition

Athletix Nutrition High Volume by Athletix Nutrition



High Volume

Gain The Edge | Break Plateaus



  • Synergistic Pump Agents

  • Mind-Blowing Vascularity

  • Stimulant Free

  • Pharmacist Formulated




Big. Bold. Beautiful.


Finally, Athletix is bringing what the “customer in the know” has been asking for. A powerful stimulant free pre-workout with hefty ingredient amounts, an unchallengeable formula, and enough servings to last the above-average trainee at least 4 weeks. Yes…20 full servings!


5g L-Citrulline


[That’s Equivalent to approx. 10g Citrulline Malate!]


Today companies are still sneaking citrulline malate into their formulas hoping to fool the consumer. Citrulline malate is a cheap source of citrulline blended 1 part citrulline and 1 part malic acid. 1 gram of citrulline malate only yields about 560mg of pure citrulline, and costs around half the price of pure L-Citrulline.


Athletix cares about our consumers and wants them to finally experience an insane trifecta of pump, endurance, and vascularity. So we loaded 5g of real L-Citrulline into every serving.


1000mg Agmatine Sulfate


This dual acting pump ingredient is the hottest thing on the block for one simple reason….it works. The synergy provided in this formula with the citrulline, along with agmatine’s ability to induce pump through multiple mechanisms will undoubtedly have you turning the volume up.


Micronized Glycerol Monostearate


GMS brings a mechanism to pump and endurance that is independent of NO-based mechanisms seen in ingredients like L-Citrulline. If the NO-based mechanisms weren’t enough to already give you roadmap veins and pumps so big you can’t hold your phone to your ear, we wanted to take this formula up yet another notch.


Hyperhydration in elite endurance athletes has been well documented and proven effective. So much so that unfortunately, GMS is banned by the NCAA. But for everyone else in the world we can reap its benefits and enjoy the edge in the gym it gives!


Typical GMS on the market is made up of very large particles that have a lot of trouble dissolving and cause some difficulty in consumption. We use a special form of GMS that is micronized to maximize its mixability in the formula.



Taurine, IP-6, and Plantago


These final three ingredients are not going to give you anymore pump. Don’t worry, you are already beyond maxed out with the first three ingredients! These last three are here to help maximize the endurance benefits in the formula.


New research on taurine has been conducted to better understand how it works to increase performance and/or endurance. A recent study on elite soccer players found that 1.5mg/kg of Taurine had positive effects on the subjects’ cytokine response from intense training.


Inositol Hexaphosphate, or IP-6, is an inositol molecule bound with 6 phosphate groups. Phosphate loading is a trick that endurance athletes use behind the scenes to boost their times.


Usually this is done with a mineral phosphate like sodium phosphate. These mineral phosphates can upset the GI tract and are an old school way to go about phosphate loading. We used a smarter method…phosphates bound to an organic molecule like inositol.


Plantago Major L. was first released by Athletix in our product Titanium. The animal study performed on this extract showed significant results in terms of endurance through glycogen retention. The study also mentions Plantago may be useful to increase physical strength as well.


Turn Up The Volume…



As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 scoops mixed with 8-10 ounces of cold water, 30 minutes prior to your workout. Do not exceed2 scoops in a 24-hour period. Consume at least 124 FL oz. of liquid per day for men and 91 Fl. oz. of liquid per day for women while taking this product. Under no circumstances should the initital serving be exceeded or the warning on this bottle be ignored.




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