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Acute-FX by Athletix Nutrition

  Brand: Athletix Nutrition
Athletix Nutrition Acute-FX by Athletix Nutrition
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Gain The Edge | Break Plateaus


  • Intense Energy

  • Dialed-In Focus

  • Extreme Pump

  • Pharmacist Formulated






Never before has the industry seen a product like Acute-FX…these little capsules pack a punch!


Pre-workout powders are the go-to choice for many. They hit quick, and before you know it you’re cranking out reps at the gym…


But capsules have their place as well. Pop a few capsules, no taste, no mixing, and easy to carry around.


Athletix took note of these two pre-workout categories and made them into one…the first ever pre-workout capsule with flavored powder inside the capsules! That’s right…if you want the experience of drinking Acute-FX it’s as easy as separating a few capsules and mixing with water. Want to take a few capsules on the go? You’re all set.


While the novelty of the flavored inner capsule is exciting, the most exciting part of the blend is the straightforward approach to delivering what you seek in the gym: FOCUS, ENERGY, PUMP, and THERMOGENISES.


No gimmicks…just results




The number one reason we all need pre-workouts. Acute-FX provides an all new feel that is clean, smooth, and will extend past the length of your training. The dialed-in focus will push you through each rep, and every contraction. Prepare to walk around the gym feeling like you’re a level above everyone around you.




We all want it…we all love it. Agmatine is becoming the most popular pump ingredient for a reason…it works. And it works incredibly well! Combined with Vinpocetine and the pump-producing stim Higenamine…you’re in for huge pumps for such a small serving. This is a true concentrated pump formula.




Get more out of your workouts…we are all in the gym to transform our bodies. Why not indulge in some strong thermogenesis to assist your transformation a step further?  Get the most out of the time you spend working hard, and SWEAT!



Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules daily with food. DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN 3 CAPSULES IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD. Do not take product for longer than 8 weeks without a subsequent 4 week break.





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