What is Testosterone therapy?

A consistently increasing trend in not just the fitness world, but in the general health world men and women alike are receiving some form of testosterone therapy with amazing anti-aging, fat loss, and muscles building results.

What does this mean? …

Add a little super food to your life!

We’re all taught the importance of eating all our fruits and vegetables from a very early age. Around the same time though we start to essentially rebel against this notion sighting a shotgun blast of reasons. Well this is often …


Too much pump? Truth about Rhabdomyolysis a.k.a Rhabdo

We all go in to the gym looking to give it our all, and the reality is you can give it too much.

Obtaining a pump and breaking “tearing down” the muscular structures are critical for growth and strengthening. Yet …


HGH boosting while you sleep!

From infancy Growth hormone factor plays a key role in stimulating growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration within the human body.

HGH in it’s natural form is found in the human body as somatotropin which promotes and stimulates many key …


The best way to deadlift…..

Often one of the most overlooked or just blatantly skipped movements in a lifter’s routine is the deadlift.

Now most tend to sway away from them since they can be a slightly trickier movement to master, or use some form …


Calorie loading to bulk! Quickmass by Allmax.

Everybody is always looking for more whether it’s athletic performance, endurance, leaner or in many instances fast muscle gains.

Well you need calories to make this happen and Allmax nutrition has really put together a great blend for the folks …


The power of the DROP-SET!

While most of the folks we see rolling into the gym’s either go there to repeat the EXACT same routine they pulled from somewhere or they opt for the more what I call “freelance lifting” approach, meaning they grab whatever …


Time to hiit the stairmaster!

One of the most dreaded yet effective pieces of conditioning equipment in any gym is the stairmaster. I’m not talking about the short stride steps that shift up and down, I’m talking revolving staircase.

This is often a challenge for …


Rest and recovery to grow! My Night-GH by OUTLAW Laboratory review.

So Outlaw Laboratory is a new supplement company that rolled out on the scene with a really impressive line up of gear for lifters and health & Fitness enthusiasts alike.

The company I’ve mentioned a couple of times over the …


Muscle anatomy 101. The myofascia.

Many people don’t really think of the depth of intricacy our bodies truly have and whether or not you believe we were all made out of miracle or from the oceans, the fact remains the human body is one of …