Are you getting quality protein in your diet?


So it’s pretty easy to find the latest and greatest fad diet, or follow what worked for your friends friend…. but with the hustle and grind the average person goes through are you focusing on the quality of what’s …

The danger of free radicals

With our ever changing surroundings and often frequent exposure to different types of toxins found in our food and beverages, all this can cause internal havoc and also result in unintended consequences.

Free radicals are organic molecules responsible for cellular …


Ketogenic dieting

The world thought Dr. Robert Atkins was out of his mind when he brought to the world the high fat low carb diet, when truth be told he was far ahead of his time in the diet world.

The Atkins …


How or When do i need to take organ protection supplements? Like Organ Shield or Organ Guard?

It is just as important to take care of your body from the inside as well as the outside. It doesn’t matter when you decide to start taking care of the major organs in your body. As long as they’re …


3 Upper body Major Muscle building movements to shatter a plateau.


These three movements when performed correctly in a 4-6 rep range at 80% your 1 rep max will undoubtedly help you break that muscle plateau.

(CHEST) Smith Machine incline chest press- Incline is the most neglected yet most …


TF Supplements Top 5 Fat Burners Compared


Here are the top 5 Fat Burners at TF Supplements


#1. Black Mamba Hyper Rush is not for beginners. It is one of the strongest ephedra supplements on the market. The benefits of this product are: increased energy, …


Spice up your fat loss!

So it’s not for everyone, and the southern states tend to like foods with a little more kick. The positive affects of spice in¬†foods has been well documented over the years and has not only proven to help with …


Strength vs. Power

There’s a big difference in strength vs. power and power can be specifically trained to improve either individually or together.

Strength is the ability to sustain a load of a set period of time. Whereas power is the ability to …


Bcaa timing and why they are the most important of all supplements!

Branched chain amino acids aka BCAAs have been used in the fitness industry for a significant period of time, and yet there still seems to be a great deal of floating misinformation and marketing that has consumers not maximizing the …


Creamy Whey Avocado protein pudding!

So your looking for something exciting and delicious to finish off a hard workout or end the night with a tasty bang, you need not look any further than this incredibly creamy recipe for Whey Avocado protein pudding.

A wholefoods …