Best moves to target the lower Abs!


The abs can be tricky to actually get the benefit truly seeing all the muscles really shine through. Yeah the upper 4 can be fairly easy to get to pop out, but when your really wanting to get that added cut on the lower stomach it can be difficult!

We’ve all heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”, while yes this is true it’s still important to spot train you abs to get the most out of their development. You can essentially break the abs up into 5 sections, upper, middle, lower, and both obliques. If you were to allow yourself the time to give a truly dedicated workout to abs that’s when you really see the benefits from both the gym and the kitchen.

Yet one of these is much harder to get than the rest… the lower abs. This is due to many reasons which include intestinal bloat, water retention, under development, and most of all this is one of the last places the body wants to pull fat from. There is a solution though to all the above problems when you factor in a healthy deficit diet.

This routine will without a doubt build the lower abs to be solid, sleek, and stand out like the rest and have you feeling better about your results in no time!

First off invest in a waist wrap, one that is good quality and you can fit tight around your lower abs. Make sure you wear it with cardio especially, and if you so choose during your lifts.

Follow this routine at minimum once per week, in addition to a dedicated upper ab day, and dedicated oblique day. I personally like to take 20mins at the end of my lifts to do abs since when you keep a good pace you can count it as cardio!

Lower Abs: All exercises are back to back, no stopping for 3 rounds of 20 reps per set.

Hanging leg raises, Floor flutter kicks, Floor planks, decline bench crunches(as many as you can)

This routine with tear through your core and having feeling a rock solid stomach from top to bottom in no time!

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