Bcaa timing and why they are the most important of all supplements!


Branched chain amino acids aka BCAAs have been used in the fitness industry for a significant period of time, and yet there still seems to be a great deal of floating misinformation and marketing that has consumers not maximizing the benefits that Bcaas serve. As you may know Bcaas are made up of Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and Valine, all three of which are found within animal derived proteins such as dairy, meat, eggs, and fish. These 3 amino acids have the greatest impact on how your body grows, repairs, recharges, and endures through times of physical exertion.

The best way to think of a Bcaa supplement is essentially protein without the calories. Not a truly complete protein, yet a supplement that has been designed to essential provide a shield of protection to the muscle in order to prevent your body triggering a release of nitrogen and resulting in your body wanting to use your hard earned muscle for energy. Honestly you can never really have enough Bcaas regardless of your goals, and can be even used with meals or between to prevent amino degradation which naturally occurs around 2 hours after consuming a protein source.

In addition to the amino waste, the large majority of fitness enthusiasts don’t consume nearly enough protein in their diets and a high quality bcaa such as TriActive BCAAs (from OUTLAW Laboratory is a perfect way to get you the recovery and repair amino that you need all day long with an amazing taste!


I personally at my weight(220lbs) and activity level like to do 4-5 scoops of aminos per day which is 1 in the morning, pre-workout, occasionally during workout if a long one, and a scoop or 2 after. I also will make sure to have some if I’m not going to be able to eat within the time frame of my next meal, or if I’m just out on the go.

They truly are something you should never leave home without!

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