What is the runners high, and what causes it?

runners high

If your an avid runner and I mean someone that can really push the distance, there’s a pretty solid chance that you’ve experienced the so called runners high a time or two. What is this feeling though? It’s described by many that it’s the sensation of numbness, euphoria, or just the feeling of wanting to keep pushing further.

The interesting thing is there’s yet to be a definitive reason that the body reacts in this was, or how it really even happens. The current belief is that the so called runners high is as a result of your body attempting to overcome physical pain. Basically a giant “mental block” that comes over you, to tell yourself your feeling great and that your lower extremities aren’t taking a beating!

Now some researchers currently are studying the specifics of the runners high, and there are some that speculate the chemicals released in the body during a runners high are similar in nature to the chemical THC that’s found in marijuana. Now this is all a speculation of course til there’s a conclusive answer, but til then if your looking to have a free “fix” then running may be your answer! There’s one thing that’s for sure, running can be very addictive as an outlet which is no different that any other fitness activity or sport!

As with all activities know your limits, and most importantly don’t hurt yourself in the hunt for the “high”!

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  1. David Uhler May 16, 2017 Reply

    I’ve experienced the same feeling cycling. I think part of it may be the extended flood of oxygen to the bloodstream. My most noticable experience was when pulling a hill from hell, I was in my lowest gear afraid that I was going to have to stop when suddenly my legs stopped hurting and they got this surge of energy whereas I felt the bike actually pull out beneath me. Needless to say I finished the hill with ease,but my legs were numb afterwards.
    I’ve had similar experiences, but none as dramatic as the first.

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