The weightloss power of a hot bath!


So you keep yourself finding excuses, delays, or a lack of interest to get up and out of the house to go to the gym after a long hard days work, well good news is here for you! You can now enjoy that hot bath with findings that show a bath does a body good!

There was a recent study and the scientists tested to see how exposure to heat can alter the molecules in our bodies. There were only 14 people (all men) in the study. They took hour-long bath at 104-degrees Fahrenheit and did burn calories, which were also measured, since energy is required to keep our cores around 98.6-degrees. But the men only burned an average of about 61 calories more than if they had been sitting at room temperature. When they exercised on a bike for the same amount of time, they burned between 515 and 597 calories. Now this is as a result of a heat shock protein that released while the body is heated up which attempts to aid in maintaining vital functions, but non the less a calorie burned is a calorie burned.

hot bath benefits

This obviously is no excuse to not go to the gym, yet a slightly easier way to justify you allowing yourself to relax in a bath and not feel guilty for not making it to the gym. This effect will mesh well with those that also look to have that extra advantage in their calorie burn journey.

Remember though heat can be deadly so be mindful and know your limitations as a good fat-burner can aid in extra calorie burn if that is all you need without the heat.


  1. Shaw Eberhardt April 15, 2017 Reply

    cold bath will burn more calories…..

    • Author
      Kevin Simmang April 17, 2017 Reply

      incorrect, cold water causes vascular restriction and in return slows the heart rate down. This slowing of the heart rate results is the outer supplies of blood such as the limbs to have circulation restricted and redirect blood flow to vital organs!

      Standard thermogenics and thermogenesis heat results in escalated heart rate= greater caloric burn. In this study though they’re referring to a survival protein that triggers greater calorie burn aswell when released during heat exposure.

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