Hump day challenge! Get your hiit on in stlye!


Everybody knows about high intensity interval training (HIIT), yet for some odd reason people only think of HIIT as to be performed on pieces of cardio equipment. This truly is a shame as theres honestly more potential and gains to be made by channeling that high intensity itch into yoir lifting routine.

By performing HIIT more formally known as Tabata training during your lifting routine this allows for a greater recruitment of normally neglected muscle fibers as opposed to traditional lifting.

This will result in maximum effort and as a result of that max effort with applied resistance, in return a greater net calorie burn in the same period of time as opposed to HIIT on cardio equipment.

So today push yourself to the brink of exhaustion and apply the true HIIT technique as originally founded by Dr. Tabata and for every major movement you do in yoir workout today prepare yourself to perform 4 mins worth of grueling heavy intervals.


The interval cycle will be as follows for 4 mins then apply to each exercise.

  • Perform one warm up set with a light weight.
  • Now start the intervals by performing maximum sustainable weight nonstop for 20 secs straight.
  • Rest for 10 secs.
  • Then repeat again, and keep in mind this will last for 4 mins straight.

Throwing this method into your workouts every once and awhile with a really solid fat burner will add to you becoming that complete machine your in search of and have you feeling better than ever!


  1. Mike Price April 2, 2017 Reply

    I am liking this type of workout I am curious what if you are just getting back into working out just to build up to doing 4 min. Because I am sure I would shock my muscles doing it for that long.

    • Author
      Kevin Simmang April 17, 2017 Reply

      Allow yourself an adjustment period and ease back into it. This will result in less likelihood to result in injury.

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