Try these 2 easy exercises to improve your running time and distance!


Your going through the motion of throwing on your running shoes and walking out the door to get in the “X” amount of miles you tell yourself your going to do that day can lead to your body plateauing and not making further positive progress.

Naturally the key metrics to monitor overall running performance gains are the time it takes to complete said distance or your ability to push for greater distance. These 2 metrics are easily measured and can be improved upon in time quickly with the introduction of 2 easy endurance training exercises.

For starters lets look at the major muscles involved with running….

Running muscles

The quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves all work in unison to propel the body forward which doesn’t place a specific strain on any given set of muscles.

In long distance running the hamstring and calves are the prodominantly stressed muscles, while in a sprint the quads and calves are the explosive movers.

The easiest exercises to train for increased muscular stramina is the incorporation of light weight and very high rep prone leg curls, and the introduction of either weighted calve raises or jump roping which allows for calve specific training. This will also work the short head of the quad which is activated in each rebound.

Try to incorporate these on running days aswell to maximize the conditioning of the muscles targeted, and dont forget to take high quality BCAA’S before, during, and after any exercise to protect your hard earned muscle!

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