Add spinning to your leg day for a better workout!


While most only think of leg day as being the big push movements such as squats, leg press, deadlifts, and lunges, theres a great deal of benefit to adding a high intensity leg straining cardio blast at the end of your workout.

Depending on your body weight and intensity of course a spinning class can on average burn between 600-900 calories an hour. This is largely a result to your body working in an anabolic state under high intensity which places a greater level of load on the muscle energy rather than the aerobic energy of just cruising without stressing the muscles.

This anaerobic (meaning without oxygen) reaults in a greater tear down of the muscle fibers in the legs and in result a greater overall thigh workout.

This is a great representative image of the muscles targeted while spinning.Spinning

The trick is to keep in mind the balance of intemsity meaning do not allow yourself to go overboard with your training on a cycle or spinning as this will result in a catabolic muscle wasting effect just as any hiit cardio will if performed for too long following a lifting routine.

Make sure your also supplementing your BCAA drink before and during your spinning session as this will aid the muscles while they’re hard at work.

Remember work smarter not harder, especially when it comes to training!

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