The bubble butt blog post! (training glutes correctly)


So many women seek that perfectly round and shapely hind end with the hopes of having rock solid glutes that fill out those yoga pants nicely.

Now I’m all for this effort and hardwork that plays into the mix yet there are some pretty important points to note when it comes to glutes and development of them

We see a lot of people working so hard doing that “glute-blaster” routine they find in their favorite womens health magazine, the reality often missed is genetics and height play a HUGE role in how your glutes will build.

Naturally a women of a shorter stature will have a greater advantage building and developing their glutes as a result of range of motion being shorter meaning the butt wants to do most of the leg exercise. On the flip side of things, the taller the female the greater load distribution is placed on the front of the thigh(quads) and these muscles have to control the range of motion greater and deeper.

The key for positive glute activation truly comes from the ability to mentally connect with the muscles and isolate the squeezes.

The one elephant in the room nobody cares to listen to or acknowledge is what causes the bubble butt and the poked out appearance that people often seek. This is actually caused by wants known as a anterior pelvic tilt, which essentially means the glutes and lower back are so tight it throws the hips out of alignment.


While this may look good, it can have negative lasting effects on the hip-flexors, erector spinae(lower back muscles, and sub-sequentially unnecessary hip strain.

The absolutely most over-hyped and detrimental exercises that result in this are:

Any glute exercise that uses cables as resistance, as a result of the glutes having to use the lower back predominantly for hip stabilization.

incorrectly performed back squats(the most incorrectly performed movement in the gym)

hyper-extensions past the natural vertical of the spine and flexing to deep into the lowerback

and last but not least weighted glute bridges on the bench, off all movements this one truly is ridiculous to watch as someone that respects the creation of the human physiology.

Just watching the movement from a side profile you can see the lower back has complete load and control of the motion until the top when you thrust your hips forward and squeeze the glutes.

Glute bridges on the floor are the correct way to perform this movement.


I’ll have a follow up on a glute routine later this week, but til then focus on your squeezes and remember your working your glutes….. not your hip flexors and lower back!



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