The key to rock hard Abs!


One of the most over-trained group of muscles on the human body besides chest for males, and legs for females would be ironically a muscle that truly never stops working all day long.

The mistake often comes when individuals think that performing an un-godly amount of planks and floor crunches will lead to you having solid washboard Abs.

The important thing to remember is the Abdominals ARE A MUSCLE… yes they work as one of you major stability muscles, but the must be put to the test with resistance and not just repetitions.

Even though we think refer to the Abdominals as 6 pack, 8 pack, and in some circumstances THE KEG, the abs are truly one giant muscle that as it grows the tissue known as “tendinous intersections” begins to separate and define these muscles to appear as individual muscles.

To really harness the power and potential of the abs make sure you perform HEAVY deadlifts, HEAVY squats, and HEAVY bench press, all three of these movements place a great deal of strain on the abdominal walls forcing the abs to tighten and contract to maintain postural support.abs


To really push you Abs to the bring perform the 3 following movements in a TRI-SET format only resting for 1 min between sets. Then follow with 3 sets of floor planks to failure, superset with glute bridges.

All exercises are to be performed with heavy resistance with a maximum of 10-15 reps

  • Ropes crunches(make sure to contract through you abs and exhale each rep as you crunch, DO NOT USE YOU HIPS!)
  • Straight legged BOSU BALL crunches( keep you heels on the floor and legs straight, focus on feeling the stretch in the upper abs then crunch towards the ceiling and exhale.
  • Straight leg lifts on either a bench on on the floor, focus on the lower abdominals.

This routine performed no more than 2-3 times per week will result in a nice shaping of the abs and start to let them shine.

As a side note, traditionally the abs really start to show around 12% body fat then the leaner you go the more they shine.


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