The importance of grip/ forearm strength


When we go to the gym we traditionally think of the major muscle groups such as chest, back, arms, and legs.

Yes there are some people that focus on one of the specific groups listed above like women love doing legs and men are all about chest, but building a well rounded machine involves more than targeting the “Pretty muscles”.

This brings me to the importance of grip/ forearm strength!

Ok so you obviously have to hold onto free weights with your hands and be able to not only maneuver the weight, but stabilize it. That’s where the grip and forearms really shine.

The stronger your forearms and grip is the greater control within the finger tips for clasping the weight, and a greater ability to control flexion and extension within the wrist.



A strong wrist will also assist in the minimization of any potential contraindications in a lift that may result in a wrist injury.

For example wrist wraps do nothing more than aid in assisting the wrist from flexing or bending during a press. Well if said lifter would have appropriately strengthened the wrists and forearms then there wouldn’t be the need for wrist wraps.

The below list of movements will aid in building the forearms and grip strength together, perform the movements 3  heavy sets of 15-20 or failure each as the grip has a high ability to sustain loads for extended periods of time.

  • 90* dumbbell twist- Holding dumbells at 90* in a bicep curl position rotate the dumbells from palm up to palm down position repeatedly til you feel the forearms and biceps start to burn and swell.
  • Plate pinches- using any of the circular Olympic weights, hold the weight with ONLY YOUR FINTERTIPS and the tip of your thumb for as long as possible again til the forearms start to burn and swell.
  • Behind the back barbell rolls- Using a barbell, stand holding the barbell with your palms facing your backside and let the bar roll to your fingertips and then curl the bar up the hand and squeeze the fist into the back of the forearms.

This quick and easy to follow routine without a doubt will not only give you stronger forearms, but will also make your ability to move weight on your big movements more effectively!




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