Exercise during pregnancy

exercise during pregnancy

There are many different belief’s and recommendations when it comes to what types of workout’s you should or shouldn’t partake in, the intensity of the workout, and most importantly knowing how to appropriately monitor your body while working out during pregnancy.

I’ll start off that every woman pregnant or not should be taking a prenatal vitamin, it’s an utterly essential component for the female machine your working with and the positive benefits of a prenatal such as Prenatal Gels + DHA by NOW Foods blows any general multivitamin out of the water.


First and foremost, refer any and all technical question’s to you physician prior to taking ANY advice regardless of fitness credentials.

Now that is out of the way here’s some basic guidelines to adhere to while working out during pregnancy.

Many doctor’s will tell you “continue with your normal exercising routine”, well this can be drastically different from person to person and certain precautions DO APPLY!

  • Heart rate monitoring is essential and it’s recommended that you sustain a constant HR less than 140 beats per min. As with any stressful event or activity this will also accelerate the babies heart which already can see a max of 220 beat per min.
  • Monitor your core temp and avoid getting over heated as this has negative impact to your baby since they feel your body heat the most.
  • Your baby requires constant oxygen supply from you and this is why it’s very important to not do any lifting movement on a flat bench as this can cut off the air to your baby.
  • Dually noted, never do a motion belly to the bench. This should be pretty self explanatory as you don’t want to harm your child.
  • Most importantly and brought to light here recently when a Mother in the UK was lifting decided to show the world her squats and deadlifts heavy while 8-9 months pregnant, DON’T do this as it not only causes your torso to expand and place pressure on the abdominal wall and naturally essentially compressing your baby in an already tight space. It also adds stress on the bottom of the uterus which can result in a premature delivery, in addition to the risk of stressing the baby and elevating both y’alls heart rates far beyond where they should be.

Essentially modify your routine and keep the important key point’s in mind the next time you want to “go hard” at the gym while exercising during pregnancy. Focus on the muscle at work and not the amount of weight your trying to lift.






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