Carbohydrate back loading


Carbohydrate back loading is a relatively well used technique in muscle growth routines/ diets, yet the technique of “true” carbohydrate back loading is a fine tuned approach in order to maximize the effectiveness.

Carbohydrate back loading essentially exploits the benefits of depleted glycogen stores and insulin sensitivity. The biggest benefit to carbohydrate back loading is the bodies greater efficiency in regards to utilizing the ingested carbohydrates for muscle protein synthesis in the recovery process.

The way true carbohydrate back loading works is for 10 days straight limit you carbohydrate intake to no greater than 35 carbs per day. This allows your body to make the needed metabolic shift to start seeing stored body fat as energy and the preferred fuel.

Then after the tenth day limit you carbohydrate intake til AFTER your lifting session which within a 2 hour window of time essentially you can eat anything and everything, nothing is off limits. This will promote the bodies design to pull the needed carbohydrates as fast as possible into the muscles quicker due to an increased insulin sensitivity. This in return will quickly shuttle the sugars to be stored as glycogen for the next physical period of high exertion.

Athletes use this method on a general carb-loading phase, but this is for the emphasis for endurance and performance. Often taking products such as Karbolyn pre, intra, and post workout.

Back loading is guided towards the individual that prefers to maintain a more leaner physical state while on a mass building cycle, but can be applied to general fitness enthusiasts routine as-well for added anabolic effectiveness.


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For the best results with carbohydrate back loading, the large majority of the day your carb free and your lifting in the evening.

Use reasonable judgement and monitor the mirror to ensure no negative weight gain takes place.





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