The ever illusive rear delts, and how to best train them!


One of the most defining muscles on your frame is also one of the smallest and hardest to target. The rear delts add a whole new 3D level of development on the frame and not only do they contribute to the depth and thickness to the shoulders and upper body, yet they add a distinct width and visual finishing touch to the posterior section of the body.


Whether your male or female, there really is no difference in the NEED to show off rock solid delts! For example: There’s a saying that all body building shows are won from the rear, and one of these major critiques are the size and proportion of the rear delts. Makes no difference whether your a heavy weight, or a bikini athlete the importance remains the same.


Here are some really great moves and tips to isolate the rear delt from the mid trap when training them!

Rear Flyes: removing your pinky from the grip and turning your hands in a palm down position will make the most accentuated contraction in the rear delt.

Wide grip high row: Pulling motions in a high and wide grip position add positive stress to the rear delt.

throat pull

Rear throat pull


Rope throat pulls: Easily one of the most misunderstood movements in the gym, they can be very effective and very dangerous all at the same time. Understanding range of motion and activation is critical. Place a great deal of focus on pulling towards the upper chest/ lower throat. This place the greatest impact on the delts. Higher activates more upper neck, and lower activates more mid back.

Combining these motions are great additions to any back or shoulder day workout, now use these tools to etch out those boulder shoulders!


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