The true stair climber! Running the bleachers.

stair climber

With the invention of the cardio machines that we have come to know and hate(well it’s a love hate relationship), easily one of the best forms of not only cardiovascular conditioning, but hardcore HIIT to the root of the meaning is the infamous metal bleacher runs!

While still occasionally glorified on the big screen or frequented for a youth sporting event, the metal bleachers are easily one of the most accessible, free, and flat out send you to your knees intense form of cardio. Agreed, yes it’s easier to post up in your cozy gym environment while walking on a revolving belt of steps like your having rec. time like a caged hamster, your missing out on a complete and full leg workout thrown in with a whole lot of cardio excitement. Plus you get to enjoy what mother nature offers, weather permitting of course!

When running the stairs the level of muscles activated compared to traditional stair climbers is almost double than what a stair climber machine offers!

stair climber

Muscles activated during stair climbing.

Stair climbing is an amazing workout and essentially a phys. ed past time that benefits your heart and increases your leg strength, stamina, and lean mass. In addition stair climbing works multiple muscles in your bottom half, including your calves, glutes, hips, hamstrings and quads. Whereas traditional stair climbers place a a heavy focus on the quads as the machine assists with propelling you upward in an easier fashion which takes a load off the calves, hams, and glutes.

So the next time you start heading towards the gym, maybe try detouring to your local school and put those bleachers to work!

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