Weight lifting shoes and when to use them!

weight lifting shoe

You ma have found yourself in the gym one day, possibly near the squat racks and you look over to the person next to you and you see what appears to look like platform style shoes with about an extra inch or so under the heel. Many time there’s also an additional strap across the arch of the foot for added support aswell. These my fellow fitness addict are weight lifting shoes, but would they benefit you?

Weight lifting shoes have their place, but not for every lifter are they really necessary. The principle of weight lifting originated with the growth and development of Olympic style lifting and have seen a huge resurgence with the growth of Crossfit over the years. Weight lifting shoes place an emphasis in the heel drive needed for heavy lifting, better stability and structure in the toe box often using a strap across the arch, greater ability to maintain proper form, posture and technique. With having a better ability to control the angle of the motion, the elevated heel assists in getting the depth to parallel all while minimizing negative contradictions in the knee creeping too much over the toes. In basic terms, they help you get to the “squat” position faster and safer!

They do have their down sides though, but not many. The only real downfall to weight lifting shoes are the restriction that they have in ankle mobility and the shortening of the Achilles tendon on the back of the heel as result of the toe pointed to the ground.

The best place for lifting shoes to come into play are primarily when moving weight close to your 1RM, Olympic lifting, or require added support to maintain adequate form. The rest of the time flat soled shoes are ideal and lifting shoes shouldn’t be used all the time!

This is one of those you don’t know unless you try type of situations and if you opt to seek a weight lifting shoe here are the to look into!

TOP 5 Weight lifting shoes*:

  1. VS Athletics
  2. Pendlay Do-Win
  3. Nike Romaleo 2.0
  4. Adidas Performance adiPower
  5. Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0




*sourced (http://www.keepinspiring/10-best-shoes-for-weightlifting/)

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