Try this killer core conditioning circuit!


If your looking for a quick core conditioning circuit that is designed to not only target all your core muscles, shed some fat with some HIIT cardio, and do it literally in the blink of an eye, then look n further than HERE!

This routine is designed to get you in and out of the gym when your in a hurry, or to throw in on the back end of one of your favorite lifting days just because you feel you need that extra push!

Start this routine with a minimum 5 minute warmup on your favorite piece of cardio equipment to get the blood flowing, then set your timer for 15 mins and get as many rounds as you can!

Movements are performed in increments of 30 reps each, adjusting intensity accordingly!

Full battle rope slams with a squat- Standing with both feet just outside shoulder width, raise both rope handles as high as you can the slam them to the ground while allowing yourself to come into a squat position, then quickly repeat! NO WHIPPING THE MOTION!

BOSU Ball crunches- allow your legs to be straight out ahead of you, while fully extending your torso on every crunch. Modify by holding a weight and crunch up towards the ceiling.

Supermans- Lifting both arms and legs up at the same time while laying on your stomach, attempt to pause for 2 secs at the top then back to the ground and repeat.

Side planks- Hold each to failure then switch sides.

Mountain climbers on the black part of Bosu- By this point your pulse should be racing, but push yourself through these!

Your going to love this circuit and it’s great for both toning and conditioning your abs, but builds and shapes all at the same time!


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