Liquid eggs vs. regular, which is better for you?

egg whites

So we’ve heard the slogan “incredible edible egg”, but lets be real…… cooking whole eggs can be a lot of work! Then there’s the sanitary side and the risks of salmonella from contact of raw eggs in addition to the added cholesterol and found with in the yolk. The dedicated and religiously committed foodies at heart will always say that whole eggs are the best taste and health wise for you, but with your busy lifestyle the benefit of pasteurized egg whites or brands such as egg beaters really provide great levels of flexibility and time savings to your day.

Without going too deep into the science of everything yes whole eggs do have their advantages, and frankly do cook better, yet I personally don’t like the fact that you can get your entire days worth of cholesterol in only 1 egg. Sure some will say it’s good cholesterol, and that I understand yet I choose to limit unnecessary risk of clogged arteries from plaque and such all in the name of eggs!

You can expect less waste aswell when using liquid eggs, as there is no sifting out the yolk of course! This is a major benefit since some areas can actually have some pretty steep egg prices based on demand and availability.

I personally love to also supplement egg protein and make my own protein blends using one scoop of whey and mix with something along the lines of Milk and Egg protein by Animal.

Don’t hesitate to mix your liquid egg whites into a shake aswell, they are perfectly safe to drink and will not cause harm or sickness!

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