A protein that burns fat?! This one does!


Ok so yes it’s easy to quickly get hooked on that protein your friends, cousins, brother suggested to you, but what is it really doing for your and how does it benefit you?

There are many ways to get the appropriate amount of protein in, but you want your protein to also compliment your goals just as you would pair a fine wine to a meal.

That’s where the legend of TriLean protein from OUTLAW Laboratory comes in!

A power house blend of ultra-absorbent whey protein that feeds the muscles in order to promote quick recovery and repair. The magic in TriLean lies in the fat burning blend of natural ingredients that aid in providing additional energy and targeting that stubborn, hard to burn body fat, all while helping you gain and maintain healthy muscle tissues.

TriLean’s ability to build muscle and burn stubborn fat all at the same time lies in our unique blend of L-Carnitine and CLA. Taking the power of these 2 powerful natural fat burners allows you to get what you need to build muscle and burn body fat in a simple serving without having to buy multiple items to work as hard as TriLean will for you.
*L-Carnitine- is a natural amino acid, staple in the fitness industry for decades and has the unique ability to aid in the body’s energy conversion process. It has been shown to greatly increase the amount of stored fatty acids burned for energy within the muscles while active and at rest.
*CLA- a fatty acid that’s found in safflower oil and repeatedly has been proven to aid in releasing stored fat in order to fuel your muscles. CLA has gained a spot in almost every fitness enthusiast’sĀ supplement routine.
TriLean will get you the results you seek faster and do so gently on your stomach with a world class blend of digestive enzymes that will help your body efficiently utilize all the Whey protein, and minimize waste that’s often experienced by other brands that typically resultĀ in stomach discomfort.

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