The good, the bad, the ugly! How to achieve proper lifting form!

proper lifting form

With the fitness industry on the rise and peaking interest and taking hold of more hearts, minds, and bodies daily, there’s nothing more critical than making your working properly in the right direction to building your perfect physique! Yet, there seems to be many tools lacking in the skillset of many, and the “tool” mentality has a tendency to grab hold of a journey which leaves many lost and on the fast track to either injury, muscle imbalances, or even worst of all finding yourself being the laughing stock of a “don’t do this at the gym” MEME.

proper lifting form

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There are many ways to find yourself on the positive side of this slippery slope, yet it takes a few key components of proper lifting form in order to truly be able to determine your own fate! The elements to success of proper lifting form all start with the most important fundamental of being HUMBLE!

  1. Check your ego at the door
  2. Educate yourself
  3. Find a reliable source of consistent information
  4. Plan ahead
  5. Understand your body and body type
  6. Don’t lift it without a spotter if your doubting yourself
  7. Find yourself a workout partner
  8. Be mindful of past injuries and how they may be affected
  9. Listen to what your body says, the phrase no pain no gain only relates to the muscle “burning” not hurting!
  10. Most of all, if your can afford a trainer or coach get a truly good one!(research and know their past successes with others)

If you stay true to the fundamentals your already ahead of nearly 70-80% of every person your going to see in the gym on average!

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