DO THIS to increase your daily fat burn! Correct intermittent fasting!


Magicians are often known for the infamous rabbit in the hat tricks that often seem easy to pull off, yet they never really get explained. Well bodybuilding and fat loss can sometimes be like that illusive rabbit that “just happens” for some, yet the secret often goes unanswered!

Look no further!!! Stop what your doing and save this link to your device!!!

There has often been this stigma that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be your largest……

Well in all actuality this is far from the case! The most important thing is meal management and balance for effective results, and giving your body the fighting chance to actually burn fat!

That’s where this gem for the gym comes in. Intermittent fasting is the name of the game, and WHEN DONE CORRECTLY can be a very effective tool without having to do hamster style morning fasted cardio.

Follow these simple steps, and it’s almost guaranteed your going to speed up your fat loss nearly double what your doing, all by tweaking your morning routine!

  1. Easiest part, wakeup and drink you favorite BCAA’s to stop the night-time catabolism that takes place. My favorite is Triactive BCAA’s from Outlaw Laboratory since it has fat burning ingredients that boost your energy and aid in burning stubborn fat.
  2. Pack your breakfast! Try and focus on high quality proteins and fats, and lets avoid more than 15 carbs.
  3. Drive into work, take the kids to school, or whatever else you typically start your day with.
  4. By this time you’ve probably been awake for an hour or two, and the whole time your stomach has been empty and hard at work converting fat for fuel.

By this time I’m sure your hungry and rightfully so! Now go ahead and feed your machine and allow your days to repeat like this from now on. Intermittent fasting has been used for decades, and no it’s not a starvation diet. These tools are best applied to your AM routine, and should be used based on your needs and goals.


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