Cloma Pharma? Who is that?

Cloma Pharma Logo
Cloma Pharma Logo

Who is Cloma Pharma?

Cloma Pharma is a pharmaceutical company in United States who manufactures and distribute many weight loss supplements such as Methyldrene, Asia Black, China White, Cocodrene and Black Spider.

News about Cloma Pharma

In the early 1990s, ECA stacks were very popular athletes and bodybuilders because they help in bulking while reducing fat and increasing energy + focus. But there are many bad side-effects of ECA stacks, they were suspected to be the culprit for health issues such as strokes, heart attacks and death.

Many countries around the world including United States has banned the use of ephedra in nutritional supplements.  But ephedrine which is a derivative of ephedra, can be bought over-the-counter for nasal and bronchial relief.  In Europe both ephedra and ephedrine were banned years ago, you can only get them via prescription. Canada surprisingly never banned ephedra or ephedrine or most weight loss stimulant, but Canada did issue a voluntary recall of products containing ephedra or ephedrine.

Facts and History of Cloma Pharma

  • Founder: ?
  • Year Started: ?
  • Headquarter Location: Colorado, United States
  • Moto: “To produce the most powerful and potent weight loss / fat burner in the world”

Which supplements are Cloma Pharma known for?

Cloma Pharma was founded just to do one  thing, to make and sell the most potent fat burner / weight loss pills in the world using plant-based formulas.


Which product is Cloma Pharm’s Most Popular Product?

Cloma Pharma’s most popular product is Methydrene. Methyldrene comes in many different varieties, but the most successful one is the yellow pills called the

Methyldrene 25 ECA

What makes Cloma Pharma different from other supplements makers?

Cloma Pharma Laboratories makes fat burners from plant-based formulas. Cloma pharma produces the world’s #1 grey market human body stimulants. Their plant-based weight loss formulas are highly powerful, extreme ephedra fat burners that incinerate and energize. Methyldrene is a very powerful thermogenics! Cloma pharma ECA stacks deliver great results. You will experience maximum energy coupled with fastest weight loss all day and all night.


Use at your own risk

Whether you believe Cloma Pharma’s supplement may help you lose weight or have too much health issues, one thing is for sure, these products have not been approved by the FDA. Actually many forms of plant-based stimulant such as ephedra has been banned by FDA. So, please use at your own risk!


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