Does fruit belong in your diet? Choosing the right glycemic index fruits for you!

glycemic index fruit

There has often been a misconception regarding fruits, and actually how beneficial and healthy certain ones can be. Often referred to as “god’s candy” it’s important to remember that fruit has a certain level of sugar in each piece, yet regardless the delicious factor we have to take into consideration exactly how that sugar will affect our body and when’s the best time to eat it!

There are numerous benefits to the fruits we enjoy yet it’s important to remember the phrase “too much of a good thing”.

Each of the fruits listed all have their benefits, yet we want to adhere to a reasonable consumption of High glycemic index fruits, and focus primarily on medium and low glycemic fruits for are daily delights. This is especially true for individuals that have been diagnosed by a physician with diabetes. No amount of fruit and vegetables can replace the power of a really good multi-vitamin such as Myovite by Myogenix!

Low in my personal coaching is 40 and below, medium is 40-55, high is anything above 55. This scale is for representative purposes only as everybody tolerates foods differently! Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and black berries are all considered low!

glycemic-index-fruits1Always use good portion control and be sure to attempt to monitor your servings as it’s incredibly easy to consume 30+ grams of sugar regardless whether it’s a high glycemic index fruit or not in a single sitting of fruit which has been shown to trigger an insulin surge which can hinder your bodies ability to effectively use stored body fat!


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