In the deep freeze! Cold weather training preperation tips!

cold weather training

As the cold months continue to set new record lows for some areas we choose to not slow down, it’s critical to remember to take a bit of extra caution when performing any cold weather training.
The body when cold goes through vasoconstriction which is the limiting and slowing of blood delivery throughout the body and channeling the main blood flow to the heart and vital organs. This is due to the natural survivors our body are designed to be!
With that in mind it’s significantly easier to injure a muscle in cold weather as the lack of blood flow can negatively impact the tissues in addition to the muscles remaining tighter in the cold.


  • The best things to keep in mind is layer up! Whether your in the gym or outside, ensure your retaining you body heat as to aid your body in providing sufficient blood flow through the entire body.
  • Wear sweat wicking fabric or change out of sweaty clothes as soon as possible, as to ensure the wet fabric doesn’t force your body heat to drop.
  • Drinking hot tea, coffee, or sugar free cocoa all will aid in boosting you core temperature quickly in in addition to speeding up your metabolism which aides in your body making heat.
  • Never start of any intense cold weather exercise without stimulating blood flow and in fact taking a thermogenic/ fat burner, a great preworkout, or a nitric oxide booster can assist with promoting the body to increase it’s natural outputs that can aid with thermogenics and blood delivery throughout the body.

Runner’s and crossfitter’s are the one most commonly exposed to cold weather training and the elements. Yet remember no matter your sport or hobby, be mindful of the elements and always taking that extra step to prepare as no injury is worth rushing for!
It’s important to note that for anyone that has any family or personal history of heart disease the risks increase as a result of vasoconstriction and it’s effects on the heart and blood supply.

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