Fastest way to do a body weight pull up!


One of the most sought after body weight exercises is like a mythical fantasy for many in the gym and achieving illusive pull up often seem to be impossible to those that seek them! The key to a solid pull up is often over looked and many just think assisted pull-ups are the same, yet this couldn’t be farther from the truth. First and foremost the secondary muscles such as the rhomboids, scapular muscle structures, and biceps all play a huge role in the start and finish of a pull up, especially wide grip pull-ups. The major mover are the Lats which are most identified as the “V” taper muscles in the back, and takes the heaviest part of the movement.


The best way to really train for a true pull up is learning to control the top and bottom ends of the overhead pulling motion using the lat pulldown machine. By performing the specific sequence you will learn to focus on the needed muscles at the right time, and in return a more effective pull eventually working your way to a pull-up!

Incorporate this to the start of your back workout for maximum effectiveness!

Lat-pulldown machine will be used for all sets.

Perform 4 set, 1 warm up of 15, 3 active increasing resistance for sets of 12-8-6(or failure).

Then just as you would perform 21′s on biceps we’ll do the same for the lat pulldown.

Start performing 7 from the top to middle focusing on controlling the upper outer lat under the armpit.

Second perform 7 from the middle to the bottom of the motion focusing on squeezing your shoulder blades down and together.

Lastly perform all range of motion for 7 focusing on both the upper and lower muscle contractions.

Performing this for 3 sets will not only increase your muscular stamina, but will quickly have you doing full pull-ups in no time s you get stronger!

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