Keep your holidays enjoyable the “lean whey”!

lean whey

That time of year is here again, and the battle of the bulge is among us. Why put undo stress in your life by allowing yourself pack on pounds all in the name of having a good time? There’s a better alternative and it’s all about learning to balance a good time and your goals everyday, the right way, most of all with Lean whey! There are large varieties of whey proteins out on the market, but you really want one that’s no going to leave you thinking “it’s time for that shake again” with a look of disgust. That’s where the amazing taste and profile of Tri Lean Whey protein for Outlaw Laboratory comes in.


Hands down the best tasting protein on the market in my opinion and a great meal supplementing protein to help get you through the holidays and not feel sluggish or sloppy. Available in 3 great flavors Chocolate, Vanilla, and salted caramel, all 3 not only deliver high quality lean whey protein, they pack on naturalĀ fat burning ingredients such as L-Carnitine and CLA to assist in your bodies ability to useĀ fat for fuel. Great all around protein, and kids love the taste aswell which makes it a great substitute to chocolate milk!

My recommendation is to supplement Tri Lean whey the meal prior to your big holiday celebration, and the meal following to maximize effectiveness.

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