Does weight even matter?


When we think of weight loss we think of the number that’s reflected on the scale every time we step on it. Yet more often than not when factoring in a resistance training this number can be more discouraging than motivating. The reasons why are often misunderstood and lets take a look at┬ápounds first to understand why!

Most people see a pound as being created equally and that fat and muscle share similar weight characteristics, or that age old phrase “fat turns into muscle”….. both of these simply aren’t the case!

Muscle being significantly denser than fat, it’s collective mass is smaller. Below is a great representation of how drastic the size differences between the 2 are.weightNow in regards to why a scale can stay still at times when your on a resistance training routine. There’s a training phrase known as “re-composition“, which is the transforming of one’s physical appearance from an over weight physique to toned strong physique. This process often can be deceptive to the person that’s actively in the routine as they see the scale barely move. This is caused by the building of muscle at the same time your loosing body fat. Also to those that say you can’t do both at the same time, this is the most ignorant piece of information that has ever been spread in fitness!

The only real measurement of progress is to monitor your body fat %. Yet make sure you measure in the same physical condition on an empty stomach the same time of day when you take measurements using a scale with body fat reading abilities.

So the next time you step on the scale, I recommend you look to more than just that little number and be careful to overly critique all your hard work as the feeling of a let down is often more damaging than encouraging.

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