Allmax IsoNatural 100% natural whey!!



For those of us that try to live as clean as possible it can often be a challenge to avoid trace amounts of refined products. One of those sneaky compounds that tends to hide the best is the choice of sweeteners some manufacturers choose to add to their products. That’s not the case with Allmax IsoNatural as it’s a 100% natural product whey protein. Great taste, of your favorite flavors, from the same great company that brings you the results on time everytime!

IsoNatural is available in 2 great flavors – Chocolate and Vanilla. The new flavors provide exceptional protein quality with the highest amino profile  available.  They are 100% free of any man made sweeteners and artificial sweeteners are never used in processing IsoNatural; it is sweetened with Stevia Root and Monk Fruit – both natural extracts.

IsoNatural is also fortified with NutraFlora®, a unique patented Prebiotic ingredient that enhances calcium absorption while supporting a healthy immune and digestive system. This pure and natural formula has also been fortified with two synergistic complexes; Grape Seed Extract and Acerola Cherry Extract. These two antioxidant complexes provide protection against cell-damaging free radicals, while providing 15% of the body’s vitamin C requirements.
IsoNatural mixes quickly and easily in water, low-fat milk, or can be used in any of your favorite recipes to increase the protein content. It’s a natural, pure and delicious way to reach your daily protein requirements from the highest biological value protein available.
Cold Temperature Processing Technology (CTP)
IsoNatural protein powder is extracted through CTP™ (Cold Temperature Process) Microfiltration. This technology employs a truly unique protein extraction technology that suspends pure protein fractions in their native state, thereby eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and denaturing heat. This process allows IsoNatural to have an exceptionally high protein yield, while maintaining essential bioactive components and extraordinary bioactive whey fractions.

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