Exercise spotlight saturday! Lateral raises!


So I’m going to be starting a new weekly segment that’s dedicated to focusing on the fundamental movements that get the results yet are commonly performed incorrectly!

I couldn’t think of a better example to kick things off with a bang than the simple movement of lateral raises. This movement is designed to isolated the outer head of the shoulder known as the lateral deltoid, yet more common than not the major mover ends up being the traps(neck muscles). It’s a very easy mistake to make as literally a flick of the wrist can change the way the muscles are loaded. So lets focus on how to perform laterals the right way to build out those shoulders.

First thing first, master the basics using dumbbells before trying cables as the geometry and angles of the motion activate slightly differently. These are the steps to a picture perfect lateral raise!

lateral delt


  1. Standing in an upright position holding a controllable weight in front/ or the side of your body with palms facing toward each other holding the DB.
  2. Allow a slight bend in your elbows, and curl your wrists under.
  3. in a steady controlled fashion move the weight feeling as if your pushing the DB away from your body, with a concentration on the outer shoulder keeping tension, and maintain original setup position with the wrists and elbow.
  4. Finish movement at the top in line with your shoulders forming a “T”, try and get a slight pause in this position.
  5. Control the weight back to the starting position, and repeat without swinging!

Taking the time to make simple tweaks to the positioning, makes all the difference in the world!


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  1. Great advice for the shoulders.

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