What type of diet is best for you?


As the say goes “there’s many way to cut the cake”, and when it comes to dieting that remains true. Yes there are faster alternatives and methods of shedding unwanted bodyfat, but ultimately it comes down to keeping your protein high and balancing fats and cars in a calorie deficit. The most common we hear about it a low carb diet (less than 20% of your day) and eat healthy fats. While this does result in a more effective for of fat loss known as ketosis, not everyone genetically is the same and what works for one may not work for another. The alternative to ketosis would be a low fat diet. This means a low fat diet, roughly less than 10% you total daily calories.

The differences between the 2 diets are pretty significant, yet both can achieve the same result. The most important thing is to never lower your proteins as we don’t want to risk wasting muscle while in a fat loss period. I generally recommend to all my clients assess your nutrition by the way you feel, and log every detail. This acts as a blueprint for success which allows you to see what works on days you feel great, and then what you did that causes you to feel blah on rough days. One really effective tool is to slowly introduce different foods into your diet to gauge how your body reacts to them.

With some trial and error you’ll not only learn what type of diet works for you, but with learning how your body reacts to different foods will ultimately make your goals sustainable!


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