Make todays lift count! Full body workout.


While we all set goals in our routines, it’s easy to get stuck in the repetitive motion of “routine”. There are many benefits to routine’s regarding consistency of lifts and monitoring progress, yet they can also hinder results as they limit muscle confusion. It’s important to remain vigilant in the pursuit of your goals and practice all the fundamentals of fitness in order to build your “machine” to the best of it’s ability, then continue to push for more and never accept mediocrity.

This full body workout routine is designed to give you a full range of muscle activation ranging from static and dynamic lifting, with an emphasis of isometrics and plyometrics!

Perform this routine as a circuit nonstop for 5 rounds, with 1 min rest between! Also make sure you take plenty of amino acids as the intensity of this routine keeps your heart rate high and we want to protect all your hard earned muscle! My favorite is Lemonade Triactive Bcaas from Outlaw Laboratory.

Bosuball burpees- 20 full motion burpees pushing the bosu overhead when you stand up

Shoulder taps- 15 per shoulder holding a pushup plank position and alternating one hand at a time to the opposing shoulder

Battle ropes – 1 min full rope slams

Jump squats with a pulse- perform a jump squat and perform 3 pulses at the bottom then repeat for a total of 15 times

Inch worms- Perform this motion in a continuous motion and repeat for a distance of about 30ft, or 15 repetitions.

inchwormYou’ll be surprised how amazing it feels to actually perform this full body workout, especially when you’ve been used to repeating the same lifting routine week in and week out!




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