What your delts say about you!


A physique is often looked at and judged based off of build and leanness, yet one of the most missed characteristics in a persons build is the proper proportions. This is the infamous “V”, and the correlation to the width of your upper body in comparison to your waist. The way we generally think of this is build a big back and bam you’ve got that V. In all truth’s it’s not just Lat width that counts, yet the width of the lateral and rear delts in order to provide that full rounded out shoulder.

In all major movements such as push pulls, the secondary muscles that aid greatly in the motion are the front and rear delts. This makes them more susceptible to more rigorous routines being shoulder’s for many are on their own day which allows these muscles to be targeted greatly adding depth to the shoulder. The key to a nice “boulder shoulder” is the targeting of all angles of the lateral delt head.


This routine will be a solid blast to you lateral delts and it’s critical to maintain proper form as to NOT ACTIVATE THE TRAP!

These movements are performed in an overload and will be a total of 3 sets for 12, 10, 8 or failure.

  • Wide grip up right row- maintain posture, driving the weight up with the elbows towards the ears and going no higher than parallel at the shoulder forming a T.

wide grip upright row

  • Seated DB lateral raise- tuck the wrist towards your body, pushing outward with a tiny bend in the elbows to where there practically straight. Ensure you limit the traps from activating in order to achieve maximum lateral delt activation.
  • Standing lateral cable raise with a decline- Using the same technique as above, yet allowing your body to have a slight lean away from the cable and pulley.
  • Finish this circuit off with 3 incredibly heavy farmer walks til failure as these place a great deal of strain on the lateral delts and traps in order to stabilize the load.

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